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Make Some BIG Noise!

Have you ever been in a situation when you wished your horn was more powerful? If only that stock one still worked! Well leave it to K and G cycles to come up with a solution to your concerns. Wolo, known for the original “Bad Boy” horn that woke up everything within 100 miles of the motorcycle world, has done it again! They have released a more powerful air horn that is sure to be more popular than the Bad Boy. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Big Bad Max Air Horn from Wolo in your choice of Shiny Chrome or inconspicuous Black.

 Black-Bax-Max-Wolo  Many of you will remember how the Wolo Bad Boy stormed onto the market and destroyed every single horn that dared challenge it? Well with the new season slowly emerging on the horizon, they have decided to reinvent the wheel and bring a new horn to the market, The Big Bad Max Air Horn! Following in the tradition of ear drum shattering sound found with the Bad Boy, the BBM ramps up the power output while delivering good looks. You will want to take a look at all the great features the BBM is bringing to the table.

wolo-super-horn• 1-piece design, that requires no hoses

• Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires

to the compressor

• Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is 3 times

(3X) louder than the factory horn

• The sound chamber has also been engineered to allow the user

to clean any road dirt or dust, without any special tools

• Compact in size to fit any car, truck, motorcycle and any

12-volt vehicle that wants a loud air horn sound

• 123.5 Decibels @ 2 meters

• Includes mounting bolt and 30 amp relay

   Why not make this the season of making sure they see or hear you! Installation is simple and straight forward and everything you need is supplied. The Wolo Big Bad Max is available from your friends at K and G Cycles in a beautiful Chrome or a subtle Black finish so it will compliment any bike you are on and no matter what level of customization you’ve reached.

Plan For A Better Trip

metric tour pack RIDE-TPWRBS3   As riders, we all know every motorcycle has one horrible problem – the common lack of storage. In the hunt for innovative products, we have discovered a company that is producing Tour Packs for your Metric bike. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you storage options that will increase the utility of your ride. This large premium locking motorcycle trunk comes with a Chrome top rack, Deluxe wrap around passenger backrest and even an LED lighted spoiler. This is a great trunk for any mid size cruiser. It’s great for Honda (VTX, Shadow, Valkyrie), Kawasaki (Vulcan), Suzuki (Boulevard, Marauder, Intruder),  and Yamaha (V Star, Road Star, Stratoliner), motorcycles.

metric tour pak RIDE-TPWRBSThis trunk offers an enormous amount of storage that is capable of stowing (2) full face helmets inside. For your convenience and security, the trunk is key lockable and features a full length weather seal to keep the elements out and your belongings safe! This Tour Pack package also includes an upgraded wrap around backrest that provides additional comfort and stability for your passenger. It also comes with a chrome luggage rack that allows for additional tie down carrying capacity. Plus you get a slim line spoiler packed full of eye catching LED lights. These lights can be wired as a run/brake combo for increased visibility as well as safety. The trunk package also includes a universal mounting plate with screws, grommets, nuts and washers, everything you require to mount it on an 8×8” or larger flat luggage rack or plate (not included). Drilling may be required depending on the luggage rack/plate style.

So you see, adding a Tour Pack to your Metric cruiser and gaining a ton of space is much simpler than you imagined. Your friends at K and G Cycles can help you with everything you need to expand your cargo carrying capability. All you have to do is contact them.

  •  Overall Dimensions: 12″ High x 17″ Deep x 22.5″ Wide.

Murder Out Your Gold Wing

For many many moons now, owners of the famed Gold Wing and it’s recent “Custom” Step-Child The F6B, have not had a way to come to The Dark Side. K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has created a Smoke Accessory Package that lets you create the perfect Gold Wing F6B. A Limited Edition offering of 9 accessories that accentuate the F6B’s dark lines by turning the standard chrome finish into a Smoke finish.

  The unique dark plated finish gives an illusive feeling to the chrome that adds depth and definition. Depending on the amount of available light, the Smoke look will often take on a chameleon-like effect. Its dark mirror finish is the perfect accent to the F6B and its sinister blacked out design. The Dark Smoke Package is  available in a dress out package of 9 of what are considered to be the must have pieces for the F6B / GL1800. Only this time they are finished in the illusive Smoke finish:

Smoke-Kit-BBP-SPL52816SK11) Pair of Smoke Board Covers

2) Pair of Smoke Engine Covers

3) Pair of Smoke LED Saddlebag Accents

4) Pair of Smoke Battery Covers

5) Pair of Smoke Frame Covers

6) Pair of Smoke Garnish Accents

7) Pair of Smoke Fender Fillers

8) Smoke Front Fender Extension

9) Smoke LED Rear Fender Accent

    With the F6B starting out as a great “Dark” platform, it is no surprise someone has come up with a package to finish what the factory started. For those of you that are still on the fence, there is no time to dawdle. This is a Limited Edition Smoke Dress Package and is expected to be available in limited quantities. For those GL1800 owners (2012 and newer) the Smoke Accessory Group for the F6B also fits your motorcycle. With Father’s Day quickly approaching this would make the perfect for Dad and because of its limited quantity, not everyone will have it. K and G Cycles is always looking to bring you the latest in motorcycle accessories so you can have a bike like no other.

Instant Protection From The Weather

Can you even begin to count the times you have ridden somewhere, parked your bike, only to come back and scorch your buns? How many times have you detailed your bike, gone to dinner, had to park under a tree and come back to dreadful results? There is a solution to these problems and it can be found at K and G Cycles, The Cycle Shade Motorcycle Cover.

goldwing cycle shade   The manufacturer of Cycle Shade saw a need to address common concerns felt by the motorcycle community. Protecting your bike from sun damage, moisture, morning dew, bird droppings and tree sap is a constant battle. Sure you could carry a full size cover with you, but that is bulky and takes up a lot of storage space. Not to mentions the time it takes to install it, especially if it doesn’t have the heat panels on it. Engineered to deliver the protection you want in the most convenient package available. Take a look at these features:

*Engineered for easy on/easy off applications. Cycle Shade can be installed or removed in a very short time.

*Can be installed immediately after riding. Because no part of Cycle Shade touches any part of the motorcycle that is hot, there is no wait time for installation.

*Stows in its own attached pouch. There is no special way to insert the Cycle Shade into the bag, you just stuff it and go!

*By selecting a high quality lightweight polyester material, a happy coincidence is its water resistant capability. This is great when having to park your bike outside. The morning  dew and moderate rains showers will not harm your bike.

*Keeping simplicity at the forefront, Cycles Shade is attached using heavy duty bungee’s that have been looped at the ends.

*When it is installed, it will help deter people wanting to sit on or climb aboard. Sort of like a security system in a bag.

*Keeps harmful UV rays from damaging seats and finishes.

*Offers a layer of protection from Tree sap, Pollen, Bird Droppings, and other animal effects.

*Available in the Standard Black or customizable with one of the numerous logos available.

*Available in different sizes and coverage amounts.

can am cycle shade   Cycle Shade is one accessory you want to arm yourself with. Providing protection for your bike while you are on the road. Lightweight, compact, and simple to use, Cycle Shade is a must have for any biker. Contact K and G Cycles today and discover the easiest way to protect your bike from the Sun, Rain, Tree Goo, Animal Droppings and more. I can personally speak of the benefits of a Cycle Shade as I have one for my personal bike. I have used it in a wide range of weather conditions and have been very pleased with the results.

Trim Up For Summer

Have you run out of places for chrome on your ride? Have you considered adding Chrome Trim to the speakers on your Honda Gold Wing? Since this is one area on your motorcycle that is often overlooked, it is worthy of the addition of some bling. As you may or may not know, K and G Cycles carries a ton of accessories for your Gold Wing and that includes custom speaker trim.

Frt-Spkr-Trim-BBP-52-789   BBP-52-789 is The Contour Series Front Speaker Trim. It delivers stylish curves and a flare of elegance to enhance the classic style of Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing. These front speaker accents capture the Contour Series design by molding to the curves of the existing OEM speakers. You can’t go wrong with the  simple installation of brilliant chrome plated ABS that highlights the seamless lines and gives these speaker accents a step above the rest. Not to mention the overall value of these covers.

   Rr-spkr-trim-BBP-52-790Continuing the customization we head to the passenger area and take a look at Part # BBP-52-790. The Contour Series Rear Speaker Covers for GL 1800′s. A great compliment to the front speaker covers, the rear covers are the same easy installation and brilliant chrome coming together to give you a one of a kind look. Durability is achieved by the use of ABS plastic that is chrome plated for a show shine. Share the chrome with your passenger and install the rear set of covers too.

   Giving your Gold Wing a custom look above and beyond all others is what we strive for. We all want our bike to be different from the others and it is the small touches that complete this task. K and G Cycles can help you achieve this.

Peace Keeper Saves Marriages

For those of us that have a factory intercom system on our bike, two of the most common used phrases are “Turn that Down!” or “Can you turn that Up!” K and G Cycles has the solution to this back and forth game that will without a doubt make your travels better. An inline intercom Volume Control Module, available today and ready for immediate delivery. .

BBP-13-206   Everyone sets sound levels differently for their own desired listening levels. K and G Cycles is aware of this need for individual volume control while riding. As both the rider and the passenger more often than not would prefer to regulate their own volume as opposed to meet in the middle. After searching high and low, we have finally stumbled onto a 5 Pin Din Volume Control device. This Plug ‘N Play module ( Part # BBP-13-206 ) simply plugs in between your headset and your motorcycle 5 pin din connector. This easy to install module immediately gives the user control of both left and right speakers individually as well as microphone volume control. This now gives the passenger the option of 100% on or 100% off. The 3 function volume control is the ideal way to eliminate listening compromises and makes motoring much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Due to it’s low, low price of $59.95, you can afford to give one as a Birthday gift, Pre-season gift, a fun pre-ride gift, or even for no reason at all.

   When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the “Too loud, not loud enough, I can’t hear you” game, head over to K and G Cycles and order up one of these handy volume control modules today. It saved a lot of headache in my marriage and now we ride together more often on longer relaxing rides.

Riding Comfort Extends the Miles

Let’s face it, we all know the benefits of riding with a backrest, but hate the additional clunky brackets. Not to mention the loss of leg room for the passenger. K and G Cycles has stumbled upon a solution that will have you ordering one before you finish reading this.

The new sleek design rider backrest that removes the clunky mounting structure.   Until now if we wanted a Rider Backrest for our Honda  Gold Wing, we had to mount a superstructure to our ride and deal with it. Big Bike Parts has come released a new “Made in the USA” Smart Mount through the seat backrest and is now available for the  Gold Wing. This new backrest attaches through the seat and only the backrest pad and support arm sit above the surface of the driver’s seat. This innovative design eliminates all side mounting brackets and the backrest hoop, delivering a clean look and more leg room for the rear passenger. This new system utilizes Big Bike Parts copyrighted pad hinge and adjustable tongue, thus allowing the rider to take full advantage of the 1″ range of adjustment on the pad, as well as pivoting forward or back, allowing you to stretch while riding. This kit comes with a complete set of  instructions and all the required mounting hardware. The backrest also includes a handy removable storage pouch on the backside for your small valuables.

   The more miles we rack up, the more we realize that increased comfort is never a bad quest, and adding a rider backrest certainly increases comfort, but until now, came with sacrificing passenger space. K and G Cycles is proud to offer the new design Rider Backrest from Big Bike Parts that says “Goodbye” to the external bones and “Hello” all to the sleek lines we are used to on Honda GL’s. Order yours today!

Passenger Comfort Keeps Them Happy

A Touring Bike should afford the most comfort in the Motorcycling World one could imagine. From adjustable footrests, to larger seats, upgradable audio systems and hands free communication, and an often overlooked accessory – Passenger Armrests. No, they aren’t new, unless you own a Can Am Spyder. Add these to your Can Am and your passenger will have the utmost in luxury accommodations.

Spyder pass arm rests BBP-41-159    K and G Cycles  introduces an all new Passenger Armrest system for the Can-Am Spyder RT. These armrests mount underneath the rear of the seat to the frame, providing a very stable and secure anchor point. The positioning of the cast chrome swivel mounts on the side of the passenger seating area maintain a clean line. This also allows the chrome tubular support arms to pivot completely out of the passengers area for easy access to the seat. The armrests match the Smart Mount Backrest, Part # BBP-41-168, and work well together providing both Rider and Passenger with comfort and support.

    Keeping with the notion of increasing passenger comfort, a Honda Gold Wing is a comfortable Touring Machine as well, but there are ways to make it more comfortable for your passenger? K and G Cycles knows full well if your passenger isn’t happy than your ride can be pretty miserable. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen so that is why we carry Passenger Armrest Kits for the passenger on your Gold Wing.

GW pass armrest BBP-52-677A   Part # BBP-52-677A is a set of Armrests that fit 2001-2010 and 2012+ Honda Gold Wings. Covered in OEM matching fabric, these armrests conveniently swing out of the way so your passenger can access the rear seat with relative ease. Installation is simple as the armrests simply bolt to the passenger handles on each side and mount to the frame for a solid mount. For your peace of mind the installation of this kit does not affect Trunk and Saddlebag operation. They can be accessed without removing the armrests. The armrest pads have a 2-1/2″ thick soft foam pad for comfort. Coming in with a dimension of 7″L x 4-1/2″W it is clear to see why these armrests are the preferred choice when it comes to pampering your passenger.

   At K and G Cycles we strive to bring the the latest and greatest in motorcycle parts and accessories. Any time we can enhance the power of your bike or increase the comfort level we take pride in doing so. Adding passenger armrests to your Gold Wing can increase the shared miles and increase the overall enjoyment of owning a your motorcycle. Once you add the armrests, you can then install accessories such as storage pouches and even beverage holders.

Turn on The Night L.E.D. Style

What is the number one way to increase your visibility and overall safety while your riding your motorcycle? One surefire answer is by adding more light! Specifically more L.E.D. lighting. K and G Cycles believes there is never enough signal lighting on a motorcycle from the factory. Because of this, we have come up with a large selection of upgraded lighting for your motorcycle. We also know adding additional lighting can tax your electrical system heavily so we often try to find efficient L.E.D. products, thus allowing you endless possibilities to for modification and customization of your prized ride.

led plate holder  Take a look at Part # BBP-52-692 it is an L.E.D. License Plate Holder that is die-cast and chrome plated and incorporates 3 L.E.D. light strips. The top has 8 red L.E.D. bulbs and can be used as an auxiliary running or brake light, while the two side amber lights have 4 L.E.D.lights each and can be used as auxiliary turn signals. The addition of this multi-function license plate cover gives you increased lighting options as well as improved visibility to others on the road. Reliable L.E.D. construction ensures miles of trouble free operation, with less draw on your electrical system, and increased safety. This unit easily mounts to most stock license plate holders, and accommodates plates measuring  7″ x 4″ to 8-1/2″ x 4-3/8″. With the outer frame measuring 9-1/8″ L x 5-1/8″ H x 3/4″ D and a 1″ width border, it will surely make a statement. This model also features a clear acrylic front panel that protects the license plate from rocks, dirt or other roadway debris.

 We all want safe travels and want to enjoy them as well. That’s why K and G Cycles carries a complete line of auxiliary L.E.D. lighting meant to give you increased visibility and safety, while giving you a custom look. Get yours today before the season begins.

The Modern Way to Rock

How often have you been cruisin’ your favorite stretch of blacktop and wanted some tunes to loosen you up? The problem is, you know you aren’t ready for a touring bike just yet and that seems to be the only bikes that come with radios. What do you do? You turn to your friends at K and G Cycles, because they have just what you’ve been looking for with the handlebar mount Waterproof Sound System.

   This set up performs as good as it looks. Having listened to customer feedback, concerns, and compliments, this system was recently updated. This mobile audio package (Part # BBP-13-250A)  is big on features and sound, yet small on price. At the heart of the system you will find a waterproof 40 Watt amplifier that provides the driving forces that push the 2 1/2″ chrome pod speakers. These speakers are capable of providing sound quality often unmatched, even by the more expensive competitors systems running bigger speakers. Those bigger speakers don’t blend in as well either. Utilizing a universal 3.5mm connection, this package is compatible with iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, portable CD players, and even Satellite Radio Systems.

 Speaker system BBP-13-250AImprovements and Features – Part # BBP-13-250A:

  •    Having listened to customer concerns, the Mirror Mounts were redesigned, virtually eliminating the vibration seen on previous models. This means no “Bobble Head” effect riding down the road.
  • What good is a system if its weakest links are it’s mounting system? The Handlebar Mounts underwent a redesign and were turned into saddle clamps. This offers far superior support and makes the universal fit on 7/8″ and 1″ bars possible.
  • The rugged 2 1/2″ chrome plated, waterproof speakers are designed to handle the toughest elements while delivering impressive sound quality usually reserved for more expensive units.
  • The powerful 40 Watt amplifier is waterproof and delivers plenty of power to keep you in the groove the whole time.
  • A glove friendly volume control with 3.5mm source connection means no matter what the weather operation is a breeze.
  • System Flexibility allows any source device having a universal 3.5mm speaker plug to be connected to this system. Such device may include, but are not limited to an iPod, an MP3 player, a Portable CD player, Satellite Radio, phone or audio device outfitted with the common headphone connection port.
  • Affordability – Comparable systems cost more than twice the amount of this package and deliver inferior quality sound and finish..

   They say good things come in small packages and this Sound System is living proof. Available now, this amazing Waterproof Sound System (Part#BBP-13-250A) is ready to ship to you today, just call your friends at K and G Cycles and you’ll no longer have to travel the Lonesome Road.