The Easy Way To Repair That Flat

tire repair kit TR-150205   If you’ve ever had a flat tire while you are out on your bike, you know it just plain stinks! This is especially true if you are in the middle of a great ride. My first flat came a little over a year and a half ago. I was on one of those “Screw Work Let’s Ride” trips. The weather couldn’t have been better, clear sunny skies, mid 80’s, and we were headed to a great spot for lunch. Well after indulging in a gut busting meal, it was time to saddle up and head for the barn. The only problem was, after performing a pre-ride walk around (TCLOCS inspired) I noticed my rear tire was flat. Just my luck! As the whole group gathered to assess my situation, it was quickly learned one crusty rusty old biker had a tire repair kit like those available from K and G Cycles, and another had a small compressor. My luck was about to change. In no time flat, we had the tire repaired and were on our way.  This is one of the advantages of riding with seasoned pros. Not being one to push my luck too hard, at a fuel stop along the way, I made a call to my local shop to schedule the new tire install. Turns out hey did have the tire in stock, were able to get me in, and had me ready the next day.

   This exptire plugger kit TR-150215erience has taught me that if you pay attention in life and take a little direction from the ones that have “been there and done that” you can learn a lot. Had it not been for the “higher mileage” guys with us that day and their wisdom, I never would have discovered the priceless tools of the road. A portable tire repair kit is small enough to pack on almost any bike, is affordable enough that all of us should have one, and as long as you have a tubeless tire will get you back on the road to safety. I know we never hope to need the tools we pack for ourselves, but you never know when a friend may need some assistance. In addition to a small tool wrap, I also carry a tire repair kit (Part# TR-150215) seen here on my bike because you never know what lies ahead in the road. Why not head over to K and G Cycles and take a look at the selection of tire repair kits available and pick one up before you hit the road this season.

Adding Chrome is as Important as Breathing

   Adding personal touches to our motorcycles has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry and it gets tougher and tougher to select unique accessories for our rides. Now you may think because we are in the Parts and Accessories Business we have it easy and get free samples and reduced pricing, that just isn’t true. If anything, we have it worse because we see items prior to the public which leads to us wanting more of the new parts.  Everyone at K and G Cycles is a motorcycle enthusiast and we love to make our bikes an extension of ourselves too. That is why we carry the the most unique accessories for your motorcycles and ours.

 Part # BBP-82-219 is a good looking turn signal grille. This richly chromed accent was designed to add a distinct look to the front or rear of most BBP-Stop-light-t-signal-dre  Suzuki’s. These attractive turn signal grilles require no special tools or hardware to mount, all you have to do is unscrew your factory covers, slip the grilles over the lenses and reinstall. That’s it. Customizing your bike doesn’t get much easier. You’ve transformed the turn signals and noticed the tail light is lacking something. Well lucky for you, a matching tail lamp grille is available. Manufactured in the same great retro design as the turn signal grilles, it is slathered in that same show quality chrome anyone would be proud to have on their bike. Keeping the focus on ease of installation, Part # BBP-82-220 mounts in the same simple manner as the complimentary turn signal grilles. Isn’t it great when the manufacturer sees the need for simplified installation of their products? I think the project managers must be riders.

   Sometimes there is a need to install accessories that identify our motorcycles and attach them to us. Other times we do it just because we can and want to. Whatever your reason, K and G Cycles has the right stuff for you. Since turn signals and brake lights are hopefully one of the first things people notice, why not start your customization there.

Black Out Your Gold Wing and add Style

   For many many moons now, owners of the famed Gold Wing and it’s recent “Custom” Step-Child The F6B, have not had a way to come to The Dark Side. K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has created a Smoke Accessory Package that lets you create the perfect Gold Wing F6B. A Limited Edition offering of 9 accessories that accentuate the F6B’s dark lines by turning the standard chrome finish into a Smoke finish.

  The unique dark plated finish gives an illusive feeling to the chrome that adds depth and definition. Depending on the amount of available light, the Smoke look will often take on a chameleon-like effect. Its dark mirror finish is the perfect accent to the F6B and its sinister blacked out design. The Dark Smoke Package is  available in a dress out package of 9 of what are considered to be the must have pieces for the F6B / GL1800. Only this time they are finished in the illusive Smoke finish:

Smoke-Kit-BBP-SPL52816SK11) Pair of Smoke Board Covers

2) Pair of Smoke Engine Covers

3) Pair of Smoke LED Saddlebag Accents

4) Pair of Smoke Battery Covers

5) Pair of Smoke Frame Covers

6) Pair of Smoke Garnish Accents

7) Pair of Smoke Fender Fillers

8) Smoke Front Fender Extension

9) Smoke LED Rear Fender Accent

    With the F6B starting out as a great “Dark” platform, it is no surprise someone has come up with a package to finish what the factory started. For those of you that are still on the fence, there is no time to dawdle. This is a Limited Edition Smoke Dress Package and is expected to be available in limited quantities. For those GL1800 owners (2012 and newer) the Smoke Accessory Group for the F6B also fits your motorcycle. With Father’s Day quickly approaching this would make the perfect for Dad and because of its limited quantity, not everyone will have it. K and G Cycles is always looking to bring you the latest in motorcycle accessories so you can have a bike like no other.

Windshield Pouches offer In Your Face Storage

So often we lack the space on our motorcycles to keep certain items at the ready like a camera, vehicle registration, cell phone, or other small items. Those days are long gone with one of the great windshield pouches from K and G Cycles. We already ride our Cruisers with a windshield in place so why not make it pull double duty for us and host a little bit of storage?

single pouch BBP-Y60-412BK  With a windshield already in front of us, it logically is the perfect place to mount a windshield storage pouch. By adding this to your existing screen, you give yourself the convenience of keeping “important” items within reach. How nice would it be to have all your electronic gadgets stowed in the protected area behind your windshield. Not that we want to see our registration more than once a year, but should the need arise to show it to “The Man with the Badge” it makes it an easy find and proves we are being cooperative. No matter what you ride there is an option for handy, additional storage available for you. You can often find windshield storage pouches in one, two, or three pouch designs, and some even have removable pouches to accommodate for GPS mounts. How’s that for catering to our needs?

Installation is about as straight forward as it could be:

1)Remove the acorn nuts from the cross support

2)Slide the windshield pouch over the studs

3)Reinstall the acorn nuts

See, it’s a pretty simple process that yields tremendous results. Adding storage is as easy as making the purchase. Here at K and G Cycles one of our goals is making the sport of motorcycling easier to enjoy. Windshield storage pouches make that possible by handling your storage and organization needs in an area otherwise deemed useless.

No more Wet Legs or Feet

   What do you do when you are out riding on a warm summer day and one of those afternoon thunder boomers pop up? Well normally you’d gear up and ride through, right? Sure you would, but fortunately you are far enough behind this one that all you really need to worry about is the water coming off the road. Now all you need to do is pull over and install your Pac-A-Derms and all is good. Nice Summer days also mean rain at a whim so you need to be prepared, if not, you just might get wet feet.

pac a derms    Do you wish there was a way that you could add protection to your bike without breaking the bank? Do you want a quick installation accessory that offers some storage too? Look no further than K and G Cycles for the product you’ve been waiting for, Pac-A-Derms by Hopnel. Pac-A-Derms are an affordable weather and debris resistant shields made of heavy duty marine grade vinyl and feature corrosion resistant mounting hardware that mount easily to your engine guard in mere seconds. They give you added protection with a small amount of additional storage. Pac-A-Derms wrap around the the engine guard and secure to the frame to add a great amount of protection from the elements and road debris. They even accommodate highway pegs. When not in use, Pac-A-Derms take up very little room and store quickly. When the sun comes back out and the water has dried up, the Pak-A-Derms are easily removed and put back in storage. Stop by K and G Cycles and pick up your Pac-A-Derms to make your foul weather rides more comfortable. See fitment below.

Pac-A-Derm Metric Motocycle Fitment:

Honda VT750 Aero 2004-2007, Phantom, R/S, & Spirit C2

Honda VT1100 Sabre

Honda VTX1300 (1 piece)

Honda VTX1800 C/F

Honda VTX1800 N/R/S/T

Kawasaki VN900 Classic 2006 +; Custom 2007 +

Kawasaki VN2000

Suzuki C50/M50 2005- & VL800 2001-2004

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2008 ( not recommended with floorboards)

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2009

Yamaha V Star 950

Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic

Yamaha V Star 1300

Lucas Oil Products – Developed by You

   As you know, there are many companies out there that try and claim superiority in their respective fields. That holds true for everything from Axe Grinders to Pile Drivers, and the Lubrication Industry is no different. There is one company seems to rise to the top, and that company is Lucas Oil Products. Known the world over for having products that perform beyond customers expectations, Lucas Oil has been in Victory Lane more times than they can remember. R&D for the company comes in the form of sponsoring individuals and having them run the oils in their machines. What better way to test something than by putting it through extreme situations. The engineers at Lucas knew if these oils withstood the abuse racers were delivering, than there wasn’t anything John Q. Public could throw at it that was worse.

   When servicing your bike or putting it up for a long winters nap, using quality Lucas Products, available from K and G Cycles is a wise decision. I want to discuss a few of the products I use on my ride.

   20 50 syn 05021Lucas Engine Oil (High Performance Synthetic Racing 20W-50) – This is an excellent product that provides the consistent viscosity needed in stop and go traffic, as well as the spirited jaunt we find ourselves engaged in when no one is looking. Lucas says “It’s blended with an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil and protect metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil.” Translation – There is no better oil to have in your crankcase. I first encountered this particular oil when I had my Buell Ulysses (XB12X) and discovered it actually lowered the heat coming off the engine. I rode that bike on the opposite ends of the thermometer and found it allowed easier cranking at 16, yet at 108 delivered complete engine protection with absolutely no breakdown. I have found this oil to be excellent for normal consumer usage, but extremely capable if I want to take my bike to the track. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the 20/50 Synthetic offered by Lucas and will continue to use it.

 conv oil stabil 05024  In addition to the Synthetic 20/50, I chose to run the Heavy Duty Oil stabilizer too. The way I see it, you can never have too much protection, especially on an air cooled motor. I know you are asking yourself,  “If the oil is so good, why do you need an oil stabilizer?” First I think you need to understand just what the stabilizer does. Lucas Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product designed to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat (bonus for those air cooled power plants) and wear in any type of engine. It also allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity therefor reducing oil consumption and lowering operating temperatures. Adding the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer to your transmission helps controls noise, heat and wear. Since it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil. It keeps old engines alive and new engines new. So even though the oil provides phenomenal engine protection, the Oil stabilizer is for when the motor is at rest and during initial start up.

   lucas-gear-oil-05031   Next into the mix is the Synthetic 75-90 Gear Oil from Lucas. I chose to use this in the transmission rather than the fully capable Synthetic 20/50 oil because the transmissions composition is vastly different from the engine and needs a different lube. Lucas SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil is a non-foaming, super slick, long lasting lubricant that was designed specifically for heavy duty or high performance applications (such as Motorcycle Transmissions) where other gear lubricants don’t stand up. It contains a special additive package that cushions gears and resists “squeezing out” under extreme pressure situations where others fail. This gear lube is engineered to stand up to extreme temperatures without losing its lubricity. Having acquired a 2004 Electra Glide Classic, I was pleased to learn the previous owner was already running Lucas Synthetic 20/50 Motor Oil throughout the entire bike. Knowing the H-D 5-Speed Trans was a bit noisy I decided to run the gear oil in the trans. As a result, I have found the stereotypical clunkiness of the transmission is reduced considerably when you use this gear oil.

   Having been pleased with the results of the first time use of Lucas Oil Products I can honestly say my use will continue. With product testing being done in the trenches, engineers are able to garner real time feed back and perform any modifications to the product to increase its value. K and G Cycles is proud to offer Lucas Oil Products to you. Contact us today and see the difference they make.

Customizing your Gold Wing just got Easier

Do you own a Honda GL1800 (Gold Wing) and want to personalize it? One of the easiest ways to give your Wing a great look is by adding chrome to those boring Lower Cowls. K and G Cycles is always searching for the coolest accessories for the Metric Motorcycle Enthusiast and we will often hit one out of the park.

Chrome-Gold-Wing-Cowl-BBP-5    Part # BBP-52-818 is this  Chrome ABS Lower Front Cowl that replaces the boring stock OEM plastic on the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. This new lower front cowl will add an incredibly stylish flair and a brilliant chrome finish to your ride. It has reinforced tabs that deliver a stronger, more secure fit and will work with both OEM and some aftermarket Lower Fog Light kits. Installation is straight as this piece mounts directly to your motorcycle with the existing hardware.

   For those of you wanting to complete the look and and add some fog lights we have a few sets that will fit perfectly and let you become the “Beacon in the Night”. All you have to decide is if you want to utilize the brighter, longer life L.E.D. lights, or the standard Halogen set up with a blue lens option. Whatever option you choose, you get simple plug and play installation, and results that will thrill you. Not only will the addition of fog lights increase your ability to see oncoming hazards (i.e. animals, critters, children, uneven road surfaces) they will also help you be seen by others. Both aspects increase your safety and will bring more enjoyable travels via less stress.

   So when it comes time for you to personalize your ride, whether it is through chrome or auxiliary lighting, you can count on your friends at K and G Cycles to deliver the goods you need. Jump on line and see everything we have for the whole  Gold Wing Family.

Power 2 Devices on The Road

Let’s face it, the Electronics Industry has become a part of our every day lives, and there are no boundaries when it comes to motorcycling. With so many of our mobile devices (Cell Phone, GPS, MP3 players, and more) having USB port charging capabilities it is no surprise the folks at Deltran /Battery Tender have come up with a dual port charging adapter to be used in power ports in a huge range of electronics applications. K and G Cycles is pleased to offer you the Dual Port USB Charger, that will allow you to power/charge more than one or more of your electronics devices while motoring along.

Dual stacked USB charger  from Battery Tender   Part # 10531 The Dual Port USB Charger from Battery Tender is capable of charging 2 Electronics devices at one time with its stacked USB ports, keeping everything at arms reach and within sight. Since most of the electronics produced today offer USB charging cables, you can now run your GPS along with your iPod, and still have a small footprint. Until now we were forced to charge one device, then switch and revive the other, or we could have a secondary charge point leaving cords running everywhere. Those days are gone, and with such great features packaged at such an incredible price you can’t go wrong.

  • Dual port USB car charger – allows you to charge 2 electronic devices at one time
  • INPUT: 12-24V – works in almost any modern power port
  • OUTPUT: 2.1A for iPad / Tablets, and 1A for all cell phones – versatility means you are covered
  • Smart fuse for surge protection – peace of mind and a little insurance means a lot
  • Use existing USB charge / sync cable for charging (not included) – don’t pitch that extra cord, you can keep it with the bike
  Why not reduce dash clutter and increase your charging capacity in one shot? Pick up one of these Battery Tender Dual port USB chargers from K and G Cycles and never worry how you are going to handle more than one electronics device at a time. Since they are priced right, you can afford one for each vehicle, or give one as a gift.

Exhaust Wrap – The Multi-Benefit Accessory

exhaust wrapped enduro  Are you looking an inexpensive way to add a custom look to your bike, but want the modification to benefit you as well? Have you consider adding Exhaust Wrap from K and G Cycles to your motorcycle. Adding exhaust wrap is a fairly economical upgrade that offers protection and performance. Ultimately exhaust wrap insulates the pipes keeping the outside cooler while raising the exhaust temperatures inside the pipes. In doing so this removes the hot exhaust gasses quicker and more efficiently from the motor. Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing exhaust density and increases exhaust flow. This improves exhaust scavenging resulting in cooler air intake temperatures for an improvement in performance and a gain in horsepower.  Wraps are available in a range of colors with the most common being Black, Tan, or white.  Wrapping the headers or head pipes is an important first step in the quest to control unwanted radiant heat from your engine.

   Another benefit when installing Exhaust Wrap is the protection it offers the rider. Reducing the surface temperature of the pipes lessens the risk of being burned by the bike. Let’s face it, unwrapped pipes can get pretty hot, even with heat shields installed, and being burned by the exhaust is not fun. Trust me, I speak from experience. When I first started riding a Honda Ascot bit me. What I would have done for wrapped exhaust then.

   Lastly, wrapping your pipes will give you a “Hot Rod Retro” look, and when people see it, they will know you wanted more power. So by installing Exhaust Wrap on your bike you are actually installing a multi-function upgrade that gives you personal protection, increased performance, a better running engine, and a killer look not everyone has. Stop by K and G Cycles Online Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Superstore and check out all the great deals today.

Total Control for you Light Show

   We all know rolling light shows are becoming the norm in the Motorcycle Show Circuit. The problem is, how do you wire all those switches and have it look good? K and G Cycles knows, but unless you ask nicely, we won’t tell. Just kidding! We carry triple switch blocks that mount to either your front brake master cylinder or to your hydraulic clutch reservoir. This keeps your switches within reach and your eyes on the road. These Switch Boxes are available in either Chrome or Black.

3-pot-switch-box   Part # BBP-52-605A (Chrome Brake Side) Part # BBP-52-605LA (Chrome Clutch Side) are LED switch block assemblies that incorporate 3 rocker style switches with bright amber LED’s. The Switch Boxes mount on either the brake side of the bike or the clutch side and will easily control auxiliary, driving, fog, or marker lights on most Cruisers or Gold Wings. The Switch Block Assembly fits seamlessly for an integrated OEM look. With each reservoir mounted switch box being able to control up to 3 separate items, why not double up and get both the brake and clutch sides so your accessory capability can double. I mean let’s face it, if you are, you may as well go all in. What’s the saying, “Go big or go home!”? Now for all you Sinister, Chrome Hatin’ riders that still love to shed a little light on the subject, we have the same switch boxes but in your favorite color – BLACK! Since I was nice and shared the part #’s with the Chrome Lovers, I will do the same for you. Part# BBP-52-705MA is for the Brake Side, and Part # BBP-52-705LMA is for the Clutch side of the bike.

   So you see it doesn’t matter what your prefer Chrome or Black, you can control up to 6 switched components when you purchase both the brake and clutch switch boxes. A clean look for all the wiring and centrally located switches give you a professional look for your light show. Contact K and G Cycles today, and get your wiring mess under control.

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