Protect That Spyder for Less

We all know protecting our investments is as important as maintaining them and learning how to properly pilot them. Until now, there have been very few attempts at Day Covers or Half Covers as some call them. Ultragard, maker of high quality covers for almost any motorcycle, has introduced a half cover for your Can Am Spyder. K and G Cycles is proud to be your online source for these covers as well as other exciting accessories for your Spyder.

Can Am Day CoverUltragard set out to improv it’s half cover offering by designing an all new custom fitted half cover just for the Can-Am Spyder RT’s. This new cover is designed specifically for the Spyder RT/RTS/ and RT LTD to provide the best fit and finish available.
• Made from custom dyed water resistant polyurethane coated polyester, providing excellent protection against weather, dirt and pollution.
• Durable folded interlocking seams provide the best durability and weather resistance.
• SoftTek™ windshield liner to protect your windshield.
• Sewn in elastic hem with 4 elastic straps with hooks to help secure from blowing wind.
• Convenient compact draw string storage pouch.
• High visibility reflective logo to help your covered ride be seen in dark parking lots.
• Left and right antenna access points with hook and loop sealing.

So when you want to keep your Can Am protected from the world, you need a cover from Ultragard. These covers are easy to install, are extremely affordable, and offer a huge amount of protection for your ride. Contact the Pros at K and G Cycles and order yours today.

ULTRAGARD HALF COVER, Black, Fits Can Am Spyder RT 2010-, RT/RTS/RT Limited

L.E.D. Lights on A Stick

In the world of motorcycling, safety is becoming a word we all tend to search for more and more. We know that it doesn’t matter if its the gear you wear or the visibility of your bike it all boils down to the level of increased safety provided. One important aspect of safety we overlook is how well we are protected if we should end up on the side of the road. That is until now. Reda Innovations, the design wizards that brought you The Reda Gas Can designed to stow in the forgotten space in your saddlebags and provide you a gallon of fuel in an emergency, has another great product – The Reda Light Stick. Both of these great products are available at K and G Cycles.

   This is a must have for every motorcyclist. The versatility of the Light Stick is endless, but here are a few common uses:

  • reda light stick As a Saddlebag/Tour Pak Light –  you simply attach it with a provided clip and existing screw, it rotates and re-positions with ease to meet your needs.It designed specifically for your saddlebag. NO MORE fumbling through your bags at night looking for things.
  •  As a Tour Pak Light – The REDA Cycle Stick also mounts in the lid of your tour pack to provide exceptional lighting when you need it.
  •  As an LED Safety Flare –  you magnetically attach it to a provided disk and place it 10 feet behind your bike as a very bright safety beacon. Research shows most bikers get hit or killed from a rear end collision, this is because your tail lights are only 18 inches off the ground. The REDA Cycle Stick gives you an advantage as it can be seen up to a mile away.
  •  As a Flashlight – you can use it as an inspection light/flashlight to inspect your bike.

   The FIRST multipurpose “LightStick” that just might save your life! Don’t let its size fool you! A mere: Length of Light: 8-1/2? long by 3/4? diameter

Batteries: 3 AAA alkaline batteries to power the light are included too. Contact us today and pick up your Reda Light Stick from K and G Cycles.

Hands Free Throttle Control

Let me know if this has happened to you… You’re out on a long weekend run, your hand cramps and you fall to pieces? You are on that week long vacation and you missed some of your planned route because the pain was too much? Worse yet, you’ve had the long arm of the law behind you for 10 or 15 miles and your speed floats around. What you need is some sort of cruise control. Sure you could spend a whole lot of dough and buy an elaborate set up, but what would that get you? A huge headache during installation? The bill from the shop you had to take it to and get it installed? That only cuts into your ride time and your pocket book and we all know that is no good. So you ask, ” K and G Cycles, what is a motorcyclist to do?” The answer is simple, you need to purchase an Econo Throttle Assist and discover what you’ve been missing.

 throttle assist TR-496271  When you choose the Econo Throttle Assist you are purchasing one of the most simple to install, simple to operate, and one of the most universal fit units out there. Sure this unit isn’t the fanciest or the most expensive model made today. It is however a throttle assist unit that performs one function, and does it well. Simply reach your intended speed, flip the switch, and voila’! You are now “Cruising”.

• Allows you to relax your grip on the throttle making (pins and needles) and fatigue a distant memory

• Simple design emphasizes reliable function over flashy complex styling

• The variety of included, interchangeable rubber inserts allow the use of  almost any grip configuration

• Universal fit: Fits all 7/8in. & 1in. Bars with OEM grips & aftermarket grips with minimum 1-1/8in. to maximum 1-3/4in. outside grip diameter.

• Not for use with 1-1/4in. Bars

  Installing “Cruise Control” doesn’t have to set you back an arm and a leg. You also doesn’t need to perform major surgery to have it installed on your motorcycle. Easy, straight forward, and simple to use is the goal of the Econo Throttle Assist. This unit from K and G Cycles is simple to install and will leave money in your pocket for more adventures and saddle time.

Check out the informational video here: Throttle assist on YouTube

Support The Pink – Breast Cancer

Supporting The Cause, seems to be an all too common rally call these days. We all know motorcyclists are a giving crowd and when we support something, we give it our all. Because we undoubtedly all know someone affected by Breast Cancer, why not take this opportunity to show everyone your support even when you aren’t riding. K and G Cycles has assembled some accessories that will show the world your support for finding a cure.

   Being a motorcyclist and having a Sister-in-Law having recently been diagnosed with the disease, I can tell you it is not easy to see the effect it has on her. She has courageously undergone surgery to remove the cancerous lumps, and prepared herself for reconstruction surgery, only to be informed she must now endure chemo-therapy. Being a bald man, I have accepted my fate, things could be worse right? Well, even though we are taught to believe the real person lives inside the shell we see everyday, it is much more difficult to convince a woman of that. Up until the point the Doctors told her she would almost certainly lose her hair, she was dealing with her situation with a good amount of composer. There are a few things women define themselves by, one of them being their hair. The idea of loosing her hair dealt a devastating blow that has scared her very much. Now I am not going to get on a soapbox and preach until I am blue in the face, but I do hope we all have chosen our Causes to support. I have realigned my supported charities with the present situation and wanted to share the Accessories K and G Cycles is proud to offer in support of Breast Cancer.

   There comes a dPink awareness mc cover BBP-4-444PC  ay when we honestly care enough to keep our Bike, our Baby, our Investment covered protecting it from dust, dirt, water and more. We could buy any old cover, but since we are talking about supporting a Cause, why not purchase one that shows your support and is from the Premiere manufacturer of motorcycle covers Ultragard.  In an effort to encourage early detection, network support, and a cure for Breast Cancer, Ultragard has committed itself to help. In collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Ultragard has created a Limited Edition UltraGard Motorcycle Cover to help raise funds to support breast cancer research. While October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ultragard, in conjunction with participating vendors is now launching this Limited Edition line of covers with their own special Support The Cause box. This Limited Edition cover will be available in Medium Cruiser Cover, Large Cruiser Cover (with expandable windshield and sissy bar pockets), and Large Touring Cover. These Supporting The Cause covers are pink over charcoal with a pink ribbon noting your support. A portion from each purchase will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. The retail price has not been artificially increased, but is at UltraGard’s everyday low retail price.

   For those runningbreast cancer ignition cover a Touring Class bike, there is an accessory you can add to your bike that will remind you every time you start or stop your bike of your loved one. A finishing touch on any motorcycle, this Breast Cancer Awareness Ignition cover adds the final touch to your bike and hides the stock ignition switch with this very special ignition switch cover. Crafted from solid 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and hand inlaid with Pink Mother-of-Pearl shell.  In a remarkable move by the manufacturer, 100% of our profits from this piece will be donated to charities to help find a cure for breast cancer. You get to customize your bike, honor your loved one, and essentially make a donation for The Cause.  Since they are available in Black Anodized or  Show Chrome finishes, there is sure to be one that flows well with your bike. (order Part#HD-BC-ING)

   Now we all know there is goiBCA bandanna TR-509236ng to come a point when you or the Breast Cancer Patient will need to go for a ride. Sometimes a bandanna, do rag, head wrap, or whatever you want to call it is what we want to sport, and now you can do just that with Flydanna’s from Zanheadgear. Emblazoned with various forms of the trademark Pink Ribbon, the Flydanna is designed to offer adequate coverage, sun block, and style while supporting The Cause. Even if you have a little secret of thinning or no hair due to therapy, you can still be “one of the gang” with your do rag and no one is the wiser. Check out Part#TR-509236!

   Lastly, everyone needs a GBCA Pink ribbon bell BEA1086 uardian Bell for their bike, and if your passenger has been diagnosed with, is a survivor, or going through treatments, what better way to show the love than getting them their own Guardian Bell for the bike (Part#HL-BEA1086). Legend has it the bell rings at such a tone while you are riding down the road, it annoys the Road Gremlins and they keep clear of your bike. The bells are said to ensure safe travels by warding off the evil spirits looking to harm us. Since it is supposed to be a gift, we aren’t supposed to buy it for ourselves, why not let your passenger know, you want to help them fight off the evil that has attacked their body. Sure its all about superstition, hocus pocus, and mumbo jumbo, but sometimes that is what gets us through the day.

    Even though Breast Cancer strikes men too, it seems its primary target is women. Until now, I had never witnessed the upheaval Breast Cancer can create in ones life. Emotionally, financially, and physically damaging, it is evil. That is why K and G Cycles proudly carries products from companies that supports research in an effort to one day finding a cure, and advancing the treatments so one day they aren’t so invasive.  I for one, know I will be purchasing one or more of the pieces above to show my Sister-in-Law I am here for her. Love ya Serbina!

Keeping Her Comfortable On The Ride

It seems we often go in search of new gear after we’ve been in a spot we could have used it. With Fall Rainstorms a very real concern, we need to make sure we are prepared to handle them as we ride. K and G Cycles, in conjunction with Tour Master, present to you, the Ladies Waterproof Over Pant. Full of amenities and lightweight, these pants are so much more than Rain Gear. Since you more than likely already have a jacket that is weather proof, adding a pair of pants to your arsenal is as easy as choosing your size.

water proof over pant HH-8719-0105-73   The folks at Tour Master have produced some amazing riding gear in their history so it should be of no surprise they have upped the ante’ when it came to waterproof riding pants. The Over Pant is full of many of the same features they build into much of the other gear. This means you are getting a well designed, fully capable product that delivers high-quality form and function. Take a look at all you get when you purchase the Over Pant:

  •  Constructed with a 600 Denier Carbolex® Plus shell and 1680 Denier Ballistic polyester knee panels = Tough as nails construction
  • Over Pant designed to be worn over street clothes – You can still be comfortable and have the protection you desire
  • Rainguard® waterproof/breathable barrier – Keeps you dry without making you sweat
  • Phoslite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility – Anything we can do to help others see us is a bonus
  • Waterproof zippered thigh vents provide ventilation – keepin’ it cool the whole way
  • Double-stitched construction throughout – this means the weak points have been fortified
  • Dual-elastic panel waistband with adjustable waist belts – provides a custom fit no matter what your build
  • Waterproof, accordion-style expansion panels at the rear waist and above knees for increased flexibility – non-binding joints mean better comfort levels
  • Two zippered hand pockets – style and function that allows you easy access to smaller items you need at the ready
  • Removable CE-approved knee armor with Tour Master’s Three Position Knee Armor Alignment system as well as removable soft hip armor – top notch protection abound
  • Full length, waterproof side entry leg zippers and zippered side entry allow for ease of dressing – easy on easy off design built to keep water out
  • Features 8″ pant/jacket zipper attachment with the jacket sides included – easily converts your pants and jacket to a riding suit

Tour Master knows what riders want and makes the products to meet these demands. K and G Cycles makes them available to you. Value, quality, performance, style, these are a few reasons riders choose Tour Master products for their riding gear choices. You too can have top notch riding gear for the seasons when you choose The Over Pant from Tour Master.

Chrome – It’s Good For The Soul

Have you run out of places for chrome on your ride? Have you considered adding Chrome Trim to the speakers on your Honda Gold Wing? Since this is one area on your motorcycle that is often overlooked, it is worthy of the addition of some bling. As you may or may not know, K and G Cycles carries a ton of accessories for your Gold Wing and that includes custom speaker trim.

Frt-Spkr-Trim-BBP-52-789   BBP-52-789 is The Contour Series Front Speaker Trim. It delivers stylish curves and a flare of elegance to enhance the classic style of Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing. These front speaker accents capture the Contour Series design by molding to the curves of the existing OEM speakers. You can’t go wrong with the  simple installation of brilliant chrome plated ABS that highlights the seamless lines and gives these speaker accents a step above the rest. Not to mention the overall value of these covers.

   Rr-spkr-trim-BBP-52-790Continuing the customization we head to the passenger area and take a look at Part # BBP-52-790. The Contour Series Rear Speaker Covers for GL 1800′s. A great compliment to the front speaker covers, the rear covers are the same easy installation and brilliant chrome coming together to give you a one of a kind look. Durability is achieved by the use of ABS plastic that is chrome plated for a show shine. Share the chrome with your passenger and install the rear set of covers too.

   Giving your Gold Wing a custom look above and beyond all others is what we strive for. We all want our bike to be different from the others and it is the small touches that complete this task. K and G Cycles can help you achieve this.

You Now Have A Place for It All

When it comes to storage on motorcycle it doesn’t matter what we ride, there is never enough. Oddly enough one of the big keys to gaining more room is to organize what you have.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through the entire contents of the bag just to find that small item you need only to have it worked itself to the bottom of the bag. Here at K and G Cycles we offer many organization devices to help you get your cargo area under control.

cubby hold  Cubby Hold Trunk Dividers ( Part # BBP-52-690A) fit both older and new GL1800 Goldwing Motorcycles. These clear Cubby Hold Trunk Dividers let you see what you are looking for and easily attach to the side mounting lugs in the trunk with screws provided. These innovative trunk organization tools will not interfere with trunk bags or helmet storage. Allows easy access to important documents, tool pouches, and other important items you needs to get at quickly. Finding storage space that doesn’t take it from somewhere else is a step in the right direction to realizing the real potential of tour packs and saddlebags.

cubby stuff bags  Another great idea when trying to get the most bang for the buck is CUBBY STUFF SACS 3 Piece set – Part # BBP-4-250. These charcoal colored Hopnel Cubby Stuff Sacs are ideal for quick packing of large to small items in saddlebags or trunk. Sacs close securely with drawstring and barrel lock and are made of durable rip-stop polyester so they will not wear or tear easily. Cubby Stuff Sacs come as a set of 3 Sacs. Sac sizes include, one 4.5″ x 8.5″, one 5.5″ x 11.5″ and one 7.75″ x 13.5″. These bags are perfect for stowing rain gear, light jackets, or other gear you may not need all the time but want to keep it at hand and together on your motorcycle.

hopnel-saddlebag-liner1  Still another way to get it all under control is these saddlebag liners by Hopnel (Part # BBP-HSL). A trusted name in The Metric Motorcycle Accessory World, Hopnel Saddlebag Liners are just the right size for any touring motorcycle. Built to last, the liners are designed to make loading and unloading a breeze and are made of sturdy urethane coated weather resistant polyester. The convenient carrying handles make the liners a great choice due to their high level of versatility and user friendliness.They give you usable luggage, while keeping it simple, and adds to the effort to keep you organized.

There is no need to go any longer with your motorcycle unorganized and constantly digging for stuff when your friends at K and G Cycles have everything you need to get it together. Get rid of wasted space, keep things dry and at the ready, and gain more room.

The Last Cleaning Products To Buy

When it comes to caring for our motorcycles there is an overwhelming amount of cleaning and detailing products available. How do you sort through the sea bottles that claim they are the best and do this and that? You let K and G Cycles do the research, identify the manufacturers that bring a quality product to the table, and determine which companies supply the best customer service. Without either one of those qualities we may as well be buying those supplies out of someones trunk or at the end of the freeway off ramp. We take the guess work out of your purchase by only offering proven products that you can trust.

   Developed in a working Detail Shop, Royal Blue Wax was designed to be a product that is easy to use, delivers high quality results, while giving you the maximum protection for your investment. Looking to simplify the detailing process, a Wash and Wax product and a Wax and Clean product was developed to streamline your detailing process so you can spend more time doing what you love – Riding.

Take a look at the Royal Blue Wax products we are now proudly carrying:

RBW-Wash n wax  Royal Blue Motorcycle Wash & Wax – Royal Blue Carnauba wash foams away dirt, grime, and grease without compromising the wax protection. This leaves your vehicle as shiny and smooth as the last time you waxed it. Conditioners inside the patented formula moisturize the paint, revealing brighter colors and more clarity, extending the life of your finish. The Wash and Wax from Royal Blue is PH balanced as well as non-detergent based therefore it reduces water spots and protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Infused with Royal Blue Carnauba Wax, the wash provides another layer of protection every time you use it, creating a strong barrier to keep out harsh elements that makes cleanup from bugs and birds much easier.

RBW-cleaner-wax   Royal Blue Motorcycle Wax and Cleaner in One  – Royal Blue Carnauba Wax is a one step process that delivers professional high gloss results. Simply wipe it on and wipe it off. At the same time, you wipe off years of oxidation and discoloration, leaving behind a beautiful protective wax coating that lasts six months with each application. Since it contains no clay fillers, you never have to worry about scrubbing for hours to remove the wax. Whether it’s wet n’ hazy or dry, it’s easy on and easy off! Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner is non-abrasive and formulated for multiple surfaces – clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and even safe dealer-added coatings.

RBW-Spray-Detailer   Royal Blue Motorcycle Spray Detailer – The Royal Blue Spray Detailer is finally here and we’re excited for you to try it out! This is Royal Blue’s newest product! The Spray Detailer is clear coat safe, it will remove dust, annoying fingerprints and harmful contaminants before they have a chance to damage your paint and finish. This is a great product to use between major cleanings because it is such a simple product to use and the results are BIG! With its easy to use formula, all you need to do is spray it on the desired area to be cleaned and wipe it off. Royal Blue Spray Detailer will leave your ride standing taller than the Empire State Building.

   When it comes time to purchase your cleaning supplies you need to look for quality, efficiency and results. Royal Blue Motorcycle Cleaners and Waxes are available at K and G Cycles and deliver the results you desire. Order your up today and see how easy it is to have a fine looking ride in no time flat.

Keeping The Peace on the Ride

For those of us that have a factory intercom system on our bike, two of the most common used phrases are “Turn that Down!” or “Can you turn that Up!” K and G Cycles has the solution to this back and forth game that will without a doubt make your travels better. An inline intercom Volume Control Module, available today and ready for immediate delivery. .

BBP-13-206   Everyone sets sound levels differently for their own desired listening levels. K and G Cycles is aware of this need for individual volume control while riding. As both the rider and the passenger more often than not would prefer to regulate their own volume as opposed to meet in the middle. After searching high and low, we have finally stumbled onto a 5 Pin Din Volume Control device. This Plug ‘N Play module ( Part # BBP-13-206 ) simply plugs in between your headset and your motorcycle 5 pin din connector. This easy to install module immediately gives the user control of both left and right speakers individually as well as microphone volume control. This now gives the passenger the option of 100% on or 100% off. The 3 function volume control is the ideal way to eliminate listening compromises and makes motoring much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Due to it’s low, low price of $59.95, you can afford to give one as a Birthday gift, Pre-season gift, a fun pre-ride gift, or even for no reason at all.

   When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the “Too loud, not loud enough, I can’t hear you” game, head over to K and G Cycles and order up one of these handy volume control modules today. It saved a lot of headache in my marriage and now we ride together more often on longer relaxing rides.

More Bike for the Buck

We all know riding a motorcycle improves our mental health, and in many cases our physical health too. It can also improve our financial health as well. I know you are scratching your head and asking how. Baja Designs has come up with a Dual Sport Kit that allow owners of some of the most popular off-road bikes to transform them into road ready machines that laugh as they drive by Qwik-E-Mart. K and G Cycles is pleased to give riders the option of riding legally on the road and extending their benefits.

After many long hours of Research and Development, Baja Designs proudly introduces its line of Dual Sport Kits that have everything to make your bike street legal. Now you can reap the benefits of motorcycle mileage. Why not ditch the gas hog of a daily driver and bring some green back into your life. As if there is a need to justify this purchase, but if you really must explain your decision, here are some helpful tips.

dual sport kit10) It is your “Green” contribution. Using less fuel conserves resources.

9) You are making your investment work twice as hard.

8) Taking the long way home after a tough day at work can make ones home life better.

7) Let’s you appreciate your surroundings more.

6) It will improve your riding skills.

5) Chics dig it

4) Guys Dig it

3) Lower operating cost per mile v/s a car,truck, or SUV.

2) Adrenaline

1) You are now the coolest Mom/Dad, Aunt/Uncle, Cousin

All kits include everything you need to make you legal except the plate and insurance. (Oh yeah, your endorsement too. Now that you  will be riding on the streets you need one of those.)

• D.O.T. Approved Halogen Hi/Low Headlight, Taillight with running/brake/license plate light, as well as T. Turn Signals

• 12V Horn

• Ni-Cad Battery (9 oz) – keeps the lights working

when the bike is off

• L.E.D. taillight is stock for bikes with moto style

fenders and late model bikes, all others use Acerbis dual sport taillight

• Brake switch

• Rectifier/Regulator (keeps the battery charged)

• Hi Beam Indicator Light

• Wiring Harness

• Switch Panel – controls turn signals, horn,

headlight and kill

• all necessary nuts, bolts,

zip-ties, etc.

• Available in all O.E.M. colors including white

and black

• Detailed installation instructions

• Some bikes do not require every component listed above

Quick Release Kit (CRF50 only) : You can go from Moto to Dual Sport in around 15 minutes! This bolt on kit is easily mounted and removed for riding different applications. Most components listed above are pre-installed on headlight shell. A new rear fender assembly with flush mount turn signals, taillight and license plate drop down mount pre-installed is included. The wiring harness is permanently routed out of the way.

EZ Mount Kit: As many parts pre-mounted as possible for installer convenience. This kit is similar to the Quick Release Kit except it has no rear fender.

Kick Start Models: Front turn signals, horn, battery and regulator/rectifier are conveniently pre-mounted on the headlight. Can be used on any kickstart motorcycle.

Electric Start Models: The front turn signals and horn are conveniently pre-mounted on the headlight. This kit comes stock with D.O.T. approved rear turn signals that mount to the existing rear fender. To make life a little easier. kits are bike specific. Wire lengths and connectors are designed per bike.

So you see, the features, benefits, and personal gains far outweigh the reasons you shouldn’t get one of these Dual Sport Kits from K and G Cycles. For the money, you can’t beat the upgrade. Maybe now the objection to your purchase won’t be so strong.

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