The Ultimate Amount of Storage

We’ve all been there before, trying to figure a way to utilize the inadequate amount of storage on our motorcycles. Plus we want to make sure things stay dry. Don’t go on another ride without taking a look at 2 of my featured items. Cubby Stuff Sacs and Hopnel make some of the best saddlebag storage accessories available today. Both of which can be purchased from K and G Cycles and delivered to your door before your next trip.

   When you are trycubby stuff bagsing to get the most bang for the buck CUBBY STUFF SACS 3 Piece set – Part # BBP-4-250 is what you need. These charcoal colored Stuff Sacs are ideal for quick packing of large to small items in saddlebags or trunks. Designed with convenience in mind, these Sacs close securely with drawstring and barrel lock and are made of durable rip-stop polyester so they will not wear or tear easily. Cubby Stuff Sacs come as a set of 3 Sacs with sizes including one 4.5″ x 8.5″, one 5.5″ x 11.5″ and one 7.75″ x 13.5″. These bags are perfect for stowing rain gear, light jackets, or any other gear you may not need all the time but want to keep it at hand and together on your motorcycle.

hopnel-saddlebag-liner1    Still another way to get it all under control is these saddlebag liners by Hopnel (Part # BBP-HSL). A trusted name in The Metric Motorcycle Accessory World, Hopnel Saddlebag Liners are just the right size for any touring motorcycle. Built to last, the liners were designed to make loading and unloading your bike a breeze and are made of sturdy urethane coated weather resistant polyester. The convenient carrying handles make the liners a great choice because of their high level of versatility and user friendly construction. They give you usable luggage, while keeping it simple, and aids in the effort to keep you organized.

   Don’t go through another season with your motorcycle unorganized and constantly digging for stuff when your friends at K and G Cycles have everything you need to get it together. Get rid of wasted space, keep things dry and at the ready, with new storage options from K and G Cycles.

Air Pressure Monitoring 24/7

With all the advanced technology standard on vehicles today, you would think a Tire Pressure Monitor System would be standard on Motorcycles. Your friends at K and G Cycles want you to be able to have the added security of constant monitoring of your pressures so you achieve maximum traction, tire wear, fuel economy, and handling.

TireGard-TPMS-5-Products   Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) are an inexpensive insurance policy you take with you on every ride, to enhance your safety. TireGard is the market leader in delivering motorcycle TPMS choices to the rider. TireGard offers 5 distinct monitoring systems to fit your riding needs.  With your choice of monitors, you can select either a FOB style or the larger handlebar mounted display. Keeping with the versatile nature of these systems, you can select from both external and internal sensors. In addition, TireGard is the only manufacture that gives you a choice for 2 wheel displays, 3 wheel Trike displays or 4 wheel Bike, as well as a 2 wheel bike and 2 wheel trailer monitor display.

TireGard TPMS 4 BBP-13-317A    Monitors are designed to vibrate, flash and beep to warn of changes in pressure and temperature outside of the selected low or high settings. Light weight at  1/3 of an ounce, the external value stem cap sensors require no tire re-balancing and come with replaceable batteries. The sensors have a unique 20 minute “Battery Saver” mode, as well as G-Force sensing technology to reactivate the sensors when you restart your ride. The monitors are equipped with a one hour “Battery Saver” mode for longer life. Each TireGard TPMS kit includes a complete instruction manual, all the required batteries, and a silicone protective skin for the monitor. In most case, these kits can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

   So you see, when you turn to K and G Cycles we can provide you with the products you need to get you down the road safely. Promoting optimal wear, improved handling, and increased fuel mileage, TireGard TPMS is a must have for any motorcyclist on the road today.

Preparing for Summer on the Road

metric tour pack RIDE-TPWRBS3   As riders, we all know every motorcycle has one horrible problem – the common lack of storage. In the hunt for innovative products, we have discovered a company that is producing Tour Packs for your Metric bike. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you storage options that will increase the utility of your ride. This large premium locking motorcycle trunk comes with a Chrome top rack, Deluxe wrap around passenger backrest and even an LED lighted spoiler. This is a great trunk for any mid size cruiser. It’s great for Honda (VTX, Shadow, Valkyrie), Kawasaki (Vulcan), Suzuki (Boulevard, Marauder, Intruder),  and Yamaha (V Star, Road Star, Stratoliner), motorcycles.

metric tour pak RIDE-TPWRBSThis trunk offers an enormous amount of storage that is capable of stowing (2) full face helmets inside. For your convenience and security, the trunk is key lockable and features a full length weather seal to keep the elements out and your belongings safe! This Tour Pack package also includes an upgraded wrap around backrest that provides additional comfort and stability for your passenger. It also comes with a chrome luggage rack that allows for additional tie down carrying capacity. Plus you get a slim line spoiler packed full of eye catching LED lights. These lights can be wired as a run/brake combo for increased visibility as well as safety. The trunk package also includes a universal mounting plate with screws, grommets, nuts and washers, everything you require to mount it on an 8×8” or larger flat luggage rack or plate (not included). Drilling may be required depending on the luggage rack/plate style.

So you see, adding a Tour Pack to your Metric cruiser and gaining a ton of space is much simpler than you imagined. Your friends at K and G Cycles can help you with everything you need to expand your cargo carrying capability. All you have to do is contact them.

  •  Overall Dimensions: 12″ High x 17″ Deep x 22.5″ Wide.

Power the Lights The Right Way

You just finished installing your new L.E.D. turn signals and you can’t figure out why they are flashing fast. After going online, you figure it out and realize you need a Load Equalizer. We’ve all heard the phrase a hundred times, but what is a Load Equalizer, what does it do, and why do I need one? Well, my objective today is to educate you on the needs, necessity, and function of a load equalizer. At K and G Cycles we carry a large selection of Load Equalizers to handle almost any electrical need.

quad-load-EQ-BBP-13-3142   To help us understand the need for a load equalizer, we need to understand what happens when we install L.E.D. lighting on our motorcycle. On a motorcycle, the stock turn signal flasher is designed to flash twice as fast when one of the incandescent bulbs is burnt out. This happens when you switch to L.E.D. bulbs because they consume so little power. When the flasher sees a drop in the power being used, it believes a bulb is burnt out and goes into warning mode. Even though it is a brand new bulb, it will make the L.E.D. flash too fast or possibly not at all. This is where a load equalizer needs to be installed to adjust the electrical load, or equalize it so the system doesn’t see a phantom loss and the function returns to normal. Depending on your systems requirements there are different equalizers available with a range of amperage and resistance ratings. Due to electrical signal manipulation, some load equalizers can generate a considerable amount of heat and it is suggested not to use 4-way hazard lights. Since each application is different it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the equalizer or your local service center. Most load equalizers are straight forward units that are often plug and play, or simple cut and splice set ups reducing installation headaches.

   So you see, without a doubt using L.E.D. lighting will most assuredly require the use of a load equalizer. Depending on how many positions you have installed them in and the location itself will dictate the style and rating of the equalizer. Because of this, K and G Cycles has a larger selection sure to fit your needs. I hope you have a better understanding of L.E.D. lighting and load equalizers now. Contact us today and install that L.E.D. lighting right the first time.

Chrome, It’s what We All Crave

We all love and appreciate chrome, and sometimes it is the little pieces that count.  Does a bike have to be dripping with chrome? No. At least we don’t think every one does. K and G Cycles  understands each bike is accessorized in accordance with ones own personal taste, so the amount of chrome will vary as much as the owners themselves.

BBP-63-215 swing arm cover   One accessory install we like to see is Chrome Swing Arm covers. There is often little chance to dress up the rear section of most motorcycles, and taking advantage of the ability to highlight an otherwise bland or boring area is what it’s all about. Of course I can not possibly show you each and every swing arm cover, but here a couple of our fast movers. Part # BBP-63-215 is made for Honda XVS 950. This bright chrome, stamped steel swing arm cover beautifully finishes the side of that Honda. Easily attaching to the swing arm with 3M Dual Lock fasteners this cover is easily removable to allow for tire changing.

BBP-63-202 Belt guard   Another one of our items that we just can’t seem to keep on the shelves is this beautifully crafted belt guard that compliments the previously mentioned swing arm cover. Part # BBP-63-202 is an ABS Chrome Belt Cover for the Yamaha V Star 950 and V Star 1300 motorcycles. Through countless hours of R & D, the greatly improved design is wider and longer than the OEM belt cover protecting the rear belt more. This unique design is enhanced with a contoured shape running front to rear to not only cover the belt, but add impressive styling. Slathered in Show Chrome Accessories’ quality chrome insures unmatched brilliance and a fit that could be mistaken for OEM.

   So I have shown you 2 pieces that will wake up that boring rear end with chrome so deep you could shave out of it. Simple to add on, these chrome accessories from K and G Cycles will transform your ride into the rolling work of art you’d like it to be. Don’t wait till everyone else has these parts on their bike, contact us today!

A Whole New Twist on Concealed Carry

   As many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy target shooting as well as exercising their right to carry, K and G Cycles has decided to carry a product that allows them you to carry their firearm discretely. The Concealed Carry Shirt from TRU-SPEC is one remarkable product from the proven tactical apparel company, however this time it is aimed at the Powersports Industry.

 BBP-White-24-7b   TRU-SPEC has over 60 years of manufacturing expertise delivering market leading law enforcement and public safety clothing to the market. TRU-SPEC products are used and proven daily by law enforcement and our military and will be available through K and G Cycles. Available now are their form fitted 24-7 Series Concealed Holster Shirt designed for the best in concealment with a comfortable custom polyester spandex blend. This tailored design reduces sagging by supporting the weight of the concealed object evenly across the body of the shirt. The dense outer mesh layer obscures the profile of what you are concealing. Securely conceals small, medium and most full size handguns, magazines, electronics, wallets, passports or even medical devices in the left and right hand pockets. Heavy polyester reinforces the pocket bottom reducing wear and aids in getting small items out. The moisture wicking material designed with flat-lock seams reduces friction and chafing. Anti-microbial treated fabric extends daily wear. Available in black or white in Small to XXL sizes.

The comfortable way to carry most anything concealed. Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey, USMC (Retired) known around the world as “The Gunny” is the official celebrity spokesperson for TRU-SPEC line of tactically inspired apparel making them “Gunny Approved”.


• Left / Right Holsters

• Anti-Microbial

• Moisture Wicking

• Polyester / Spandex

When it comes to Concealed Carry, you want discretion and accessibility. K and G Cycles understands this and that is why we are now offering the Concealed Holster Shirt from Tru-Spec. The best way to carry without letting them know.

Storage Right where it Belongs

It happens all too often – we are forced to seek storage for the items we need close at hand in far away places. No, I’m not referring to Cinderella’s Castle, Hook’s Ship or the Dwarf’s Cottage in the woods, I am referring to the saddlebags, roll bags or even the back pack we must place out belongings in. There is a simple solution from the team at K and G Cycles, a Windshield Pouch. There are many designs available depending on the bike you ride.

The most common 3pouch-bag-BBP-H50-303BK is the curved 3 pouch bag that fits mainly motorcycles with fairings. Designed to follow the curve of the dash, these bags offer a decent amount of storage in a center bag, as well as 2 outer bags that are usually curved. The center bag delivers the most amount of space and can handle such items as Digital Cameras, cell phones, sunglasses and more. The outer pockets will handle less because they are actually smaller. A less used item or less important item can be stowed in these. Regardless of what you stow where, you now have an storage withing your reach.

non-fairing-2-pouch-BBP-H50    For those of you that have a full windshield instead of a fairing, there are options for you too. There are 3 pouch bags in addition to the single pouch bag. Sure they only have to follow the outward curve of the windshield rather than that of the dash, but they are still every bit of the work horse as their prettier cousins. One distinct advantage of the single pouch unit is its cavernous interior lets you put almost anything in there. Small Dog, Handgun, Bigger nicer Camera, or even a Turkey Leg.

   I have never had a motorcycle without a complete windshield as opposed to a fairing so I cannot weigh in 100% on the single big pouch. I have sold more of them than I can count on my fingers, toes, ears and nose times 10. I can however tell you on my curved 3 pouch model, I use an outer pouch for my garage door opener, the other outer pouch for a travel size first aid kit and sunscreen. The center pouch holds my registration, my phone, insurance card, and my disc lock. Oh yeah and a small old digital camera for those moments you just have to capture.

   When you run out of places to stash the things you need near by, it is time to consider a windshield bag from K and G Cycles. It doesn’t matter what bike you ride or the style you want, we’ve got you covered. Plain, Studded, Fringed and more, we can help you keep the important stuff within reach and keep the good looks of your bike flowing throughout.

Custom Looks that Provide Protection

Have you ever wondered why the motorcycle manufacturers don’t offer some type of protection for the undersides of their motorcycles. I’m not saying we need military spec ballistic armor for the undercarriage. What would be nice is some type of shield capable of protecting the bottom side from errant road debris. K and G Cycles has been on a search to find that critter, and we can proudly say, “we have accomplished our mission”. Now you can have stylish protection for the underside of your Gold Wing that won’t impact accessibility for servicing the bike..

belly-pans   If you want to streamline and protect your motorcycles undercarriage, then you can add a belly pan (Part # BBP-52-817 – Polished  Aluminum Finish) to your  2001-2013 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 and reap the benefits. While the primary goal of a belly pan is to protect the critical, exposed parts under your motorcycle such as your coolant tank,oil pan, you get so much more. The added benefits include a streamlining effect that contributes to smoother air flow resulting in less wind drag and buffeting at highway speeds. The end result is better control and potential fuel savings. Employing a custom engineered perforation pattern that has been incorporated in the design, ventilation has been increased thus achieving better airflow. This unit is made from aircraft grade aluminum (offered in Black Anodized Aluminum Part # BBP-52-817BK) and has a 2 piece design that allows easy access to the oil filter when servicing your motorcycle. There is no need to worry about sharp edges because they have all been softened to minimize potential damage and injury. Best of all, this unit is produced in the Good Ole U.S.A.

   Stability and protection are always features you should concern yourself with, and that is why this Belly Pan available at K and G Cycles is a wise accessory decision. With a fitment that includes 2001 – 2013 Honda Gold Wing Motorcycles (even the new F6B) it covers a bunch of you, and offers a huge amount of protection from all that junk on the road. Style and function – what more could you ask for?

Vibration Free Records of The Ride

When you are the leader in Electronic Accessory Mounts for Motorcycles, what do you do to improve on your product? You introduce an all new Anti-Vibration feature on all your mounts. Though we may not realize it but our bikes have a lot of vibration coming from them. If we have an accessory mounted on the bike, the end becomes the exit point for a good portion of that vibration. So much that we often have trouble reading our devices that are mounted there. Leader Motorcycle has redesigned all of their accessory mounts to incorporate this new anti-vibration feature and are available at K and G Cycles.

Leader Camera Mount C3-B-C   That shake, rattle, and roll you see every time you watch the video of your ride is a thing of the past thanks to the engineers at Leader. The Deluxe CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount was designed to give you the BEST video and/or photos possible from a moving motorcycle! The Deluxe CAM motorcycle camera holder features a base bracket with Ultra-Security and a rod so slim you’ll hardly notice it’s there. 360-degree rotation and TWO ultra-swivels (top and bottom) give you a huge range of positioning and angle-ability. It is as simple (and eye catching) as it gets! Check out these great features.

  • Ultra-swivel provides a multitude of mounting options
  • Accommodates the standard ¼-20 stud (if your camera can be put on a tripod, it can be mounted on the Deluxe CAM)
  • 360-degree movement at the tip (with a simple tightening mechanism)
  • Easy to install and remove (no special tools necessary)
  • All parts are stainless steel and machined aluminum (black anodized)
  • Ultra-Security feature ensures camera will never fall off
  • Get the Vibe Out minimizes vibration
  • All parts are MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Constructed of either Stainless Steel or Machined Aluminum

Now you can have smooth video, clear pictures, and not have to try to view the shaky iPod or GPS screen.  All Leader mounts available through K and G Cycles have the new Anti-Vibration feature and will smooth things over with even your toughest critic. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy your ride videos.

Roadside Assistance from a Tool Kit

How many times have you been on a ride and you or someone in your group needs a tool or two, only to find you only have a screwdriver and 2 allen wrenches? K and G Cycles is the one place that can change all that for you. You need the Bike Master 17 piece tool kit, (Part #TR-151553) a full set of tools neatly stacked in a small zippered pouch, that fits in just about any nook and cranny.

metric tool kit tr-151553   Portable tools that can be stowed in just about any spot. We all know storage space on a motorcycle is as critical as the fuel in the tank, and the good folks at Bike Master know this too. Designed to fit in most of the original factory locations, this tool kit contains everything you need for those roadside repairs, without sacrificing any storage space. This tool kit contains the most commonly used tools and sizes for your Metric Ride. Because there is so much in this handy kit, you need to make sure your puzzle assembly skills are top notch. When it comes time to use it, you will be amazed with the versatility of the included tools and just how easy they are to use.

  • Open ended wrenches: 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17mm sizes
  • 10mm combination wrench
  • 6” adjustable wrench
  • 3/8” drive ratchet wrench
  • Locking pliers
  • Pen type tire gauge
  • 5 cable ties
  • Electrical wire
  • Mechanic’s safety wire
  • 10 piece metric hex key set (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8 and 10mm sizes)
  • Flashlight
  • 6-in-1 screwdriver
  • 16,18 and 21mm spark plug socket
  • Spark plug gap gauge
  • Electrical tape
  • Tool bag

   It is rather evident the folks at Bike Master are motorcyclists, because there is no way anybody but motorcyclists could figure out just how to include the right tools for the job, and pack it all in such a small container. Pick up your peace of mind today at K and G Cycles and be prepared for those unexpected moments when you are miles from nowhere and something bad happens.

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