The Right Tire Makes A Difference

big tired bike   All too often we are caught up in the “Bigger is Better” scenario and reach for the sky. This happens when it comes to tires on our two wheeled chariots too. With all the Wide Tire kits out there today, over sized swing arms, and more, it is easy to want to go big or go home. Unless you have made the proper upgrades, increasing the tire size on your ride can lead to issues that may not make themselves apparent at the beginning while others will show their ugly heads right away. Sadly on top of damaging the tire, there are so many other parts that can be damaged. An over sized tire can lead to obviously damage to the tire, but can also wreak havoc on the drive belt or chain, damage the body or structure of the bike, plus it might even compromise the brake lines or electrical wiring.

cartoon tire   When shopping for a replacement tire it is very important to know what the original size for your model was. Just because it “fits” doesn’t mean it is right. In addition to the physical damage that can occur, handling can be compromised, mileage may suffer, speedometer readings can be false, and so much more. If you increase the tire size, but still follow the pressure guidelines for the original tires, you can promote early wear or over inflation concerns. All of which lead right back to potential handling issues. Worst of all, the above circumstances change even more when a passenger is added to the equation.

   Weight variances are another important factor when choosing a replacement tire. If you are going to use your vehicle for tours or trips, it will undoubtedly be loaded with gear and luggage as well as passenger. Placing these demands on incorrect tires can lead to catastrophic failure. this can certainly lead to injury or worse, death. At K and G Cycles we want you to have the best experience on two wheels as you possibly can. You should always follow the manufacturers guidelines regarding tire size and pressures, as well as weight capacities for your particular model. If you must increase the size of your rubber, make sure you are using an approved wide tire kit or upgrade system, even then, follow the guidelines and enjoy your new look.

Multi-Function Control Box for The Show

We all know rolling light shows are becoming the norm in the Motorcycle Show Circuit. The problem is, how do you wire all those switches and have it look good? K and G Cycles knows, but unless you ask nicely, we won’t tell. Just kidding! We carry triple switch blocks that mount to either your front brake master cylinder or to your hydraulic clutch reservoir. This keeps your switches within reach and your eyes on the road. These Switch Boxes are available in either Chrome or Black.

3-pot-switch-box   Part # BBP-52-605A (Chrome Brake Side) Part # BBP-52-605LA (Chrome Clutch Side) are LED switch block assemblies that incorporate 3 rocker style switches with bright amber LED’s. The Switch Boxes mount on either the brake side of the bike or the clutch side and will easily control auxiliary, driving, fog, or marker lights on most Cruisers or Gold Wings. The Switch Block Assembly fits seamlessly for an integrated OEM look. With each reservoir mounted switch box being able to control up to 3 separate items, why not double up and get both the brake and clutch sides so your accessory capability can double. I mean let’s face it, if you are, you may as well go all in. What’s the saying, “Go big or go home!”? Now for all you Sinister, Chrome Hatin’ riders that still love to shed a little light on the subject, we have the same switch boxes but in your favorite color – BLACK! Since I was nice and shared the part #’s with the Chrome Lovers, I will do the same for you. Part# BBP-52-705MA is for the Brake Side, and Part # BBP-52-705LMA is for the Clutch side of the bike.

So you see it doesn’t matter what your prefer Chrome or Black, you can control up to 6 switched components when you purchase both the brake and clutch switch boxes. A clean look for all the wiring and centrally located switches give you a professional look for your light show. Contact K and G Cycles today, and get your wiring mess under control.

The Ins and Outs of Helmets

Choosing helmets can be a daunting task because there are so many suppliers out there. After wading through the good, the bad, and the ugly K and G Cycles chose a small group of outstanding helmet manufacturers to represent and Daytona Helmets is one of those. Offering you the full range of helmet designs, Daytona Helmets brings to the table competitively priced, good looking helmets.

daytona ff silver   The Daytona F1-BC helmet, great looks, great price, great helmet.The Shadow Full Face Helmet is full of the features you need and want when shopping for your next bucket. Weighing in at a scant 3.5 lbs, these full face models come in a variety of colors to match any bike or riding gear. Sure you may laugh now, but we all know we choose a helmet base on bike or gear color. For less than a $100 bill, look at everything you get with The Shadow helmet:

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – Keeps your noggin safe
  • Full Face Helmet With Removable, Washable Cheek Pads – for those times when Fabreeze just won’t cut it
  • Adjustable Chin And Forehead Ventilation – Air movement means you operate cooler
  • Anti-Scratch Shield (Replaceable) – resists a lot of airborn road debris
  • UV Clear Finish – Keeps it looking like new longer
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) – keeps a barrier between you and the liner, keeping it cleaner
  • Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – keeps the dust at bay when you aren’t riding

DC6-O   For those of you looking for something a little less confining, Daytona has the Cruiser 3/4 helmet. It seems the 3/4 helmet has been making a comeback and is very popular among touring passengers and retro/cafe/bobber owners. An old school looking helmet with all of today’s safety features built in, that still allows the wind in your face. The Cruiser comes in 3 beautiful colors – Gloss Black, Flat Black, and Gun Metal Grey so these are no frills models the get straight to the point.

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – A safe bucket
  • The Smallest D.O.T. 3/4 Shell Helmet Ever Made – Lighter weight and less neck strain
  • With Four Different Shell Sizes You’re Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit – Comfort
  • SoftTouch Dull Finish – Pretty
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) keeps the liner from getting all funky and stuff
  • Comes With A Gloss Black Bubble Visor (Valued At $4.95) – helps keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Also Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – Stays clean while you have it on the shelf

skullcapleather_8   Daytona also has available Half Helmets that range from a Basic Black Turtle Shell, a Lamb Hide Leather Skull Cap, and even a Carbon Fiber shell. Half Shells are often seen when people transition from a sport bike or enduro type motorcycle to a motorcycle that has a good sized windshield or fairing. They still want a helmet, but realize the windshield or fairing blocks a fair amount of wind and bugs. The Classic Leather model is a great looking helmet boasting great features.

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – A must for the roadways
  • The Smallest D.O.T. Half Shell Helmet Ever Made – Reduction in travel fatigue
  • With Four Different Shell Sizes You’re Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit – Big or Small one will fit your melon
  • 100% Leather – Quality craftsmanship
  • Daytona Helmets uses the finest Lamb Hide, imported from New Zealand – You are getting the best
  • Higher quality hides ensure a product that outlasts and outlooks the competitors – Your lid will be the envy of many
  • Comes With A Gloss Black Mini Scoop Visor (Valued At $4.95) – Pretty
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) – Better keep the liner funk free
  • Also Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – easy to operate and reduces cleaning time

So you see, Daytona Helmets has a helmet for everyone, (kids, novelty, and non DOT approved helmets) and won’t make you choose the finance option when you go to purchase one. Quality and affordability are 2 words that usually don’t live in the same description, until now and that is why K and G Cycles has chosen to sell Daytona Helmets. We know that the more you save on parts and accessories, the more you get to spend on riding.

Better Boots, Better Ride!

One of the toughest purchases we make as motorcyclists is buying a pair of riding boots. Let’s face it, much of our decision is based on friends recommendations, and reviews we read online. K and G Cycles is in the same boat as you. We only want to offer the best and sometimes that means we have to do our homework before committing to carry those boots.

One company offering top quality boots at reasonable prices is River Road Gear. Suppliers of good looking, durable gear for motorcycle enthusiasts, brings some awesome boots to the table. One particular pair I want to show you is the Turnpike Cruiser Boot. Known for the use of premium materials as well as craftsman construction, this boot is for the serious rider. Loaded with the key features we all want in a boot, the Turnpike Cruiser delivers the goods and looks good doing it. See for yourself:

Turnpike Cruiser boot TR-098182

  • 1 3/4″ threaded heel  – designed to improve comfort while riding and walking
  • an 11″ tall upper that gives you even more support – important on the long rides or days spent at the rally
  • Oil-resistant rubber outsole and fully padded insole – combine to give you a boot that can take the punishment
  • Rich, smooth, full-grain, oiled leather uppers – simple translation = quality
  • 6″ of hook-and-loop fastener closure on shaft, for improved fit and fashion – delivers a fully adjustable custom fit
  • Double D-ring strap closures on outside of boot for custom fit – ensures proper fit even with gloves on
  • Tempered steel shank for outstanding support and wear – tough as nails for a tough as nails rider
  • Stitched and padded shin guard for comfort and protection – two words we always like to see
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty – they must be tough if they get a warranty

We searched long and hard to find a boot worthy of your $$$, and have found it. The River Road Turnpike Cruiser, available from K and G Cycles. Start your Christmas Shopping early.

The Horn that Keeps On Blowing!

Have you ever been in a situation when you wished your horn was more powerful? If only that stock one still worked! Well leave it to K and G cycles to come up with a solution to your concerns. Wolo, known for the original “Bad Boy” horn that woke up everything within 100 miles of the motorcycle world, has done it again! They have released a more powerful air horn that is sure to be more popular than the Bad Boy. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Big Bad Max Air Horn from Wolo in your choice of Shiny Chrome or inconspicuous Black.

 Black-Bax-Max-Wolo  Many of you will remember how the Wolo Bad Boy stormed onto the market and destroyed every single horn that dared challenge it? Well with the new season slowly emerging on the horizon, they have decided to reinvent the wheel and bring a new horn to the market, The Big Bad Max Air Horn! Following in the tradition of ear drum shattering sound found with the Bad Boy, the BBM ramps up the power output while delivering good looks. You will want to take a look at all the great features the BBM is bringing to the table.

wolo-super-horn• 1-piece design, that requires no hoses

• Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires

to the compressor

• Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is 3 times

(3X) louder than the factory horn

• The sound chamber has also been engineered to allow the user

to clean any road dirt or dust, without any special tools

• Compact in size to fit any car, truck, motorcycle and any

12-volt vehicle that wants a loud air horn sound

• 123.5 Decibels @ 2 meters

• Includes mounting bolt and 30 amp relay

   Why not make this the season of making sure they see or hear you! Installation is simple and straight forward and everything you need is supplied. The Wolo Big Bad Max is available from your friends at K and G Cycles in a beautiful Chrome or a subtle Black finish so it will compliment any bike you are on and no matter what level of customization you’ve reached.

Add Real Usable Storage

We talk to a lot of people during the rallies we attend and will relay our notes and experiences to the manufacturer’s so they can address your concerns, wants and needs. With so many of us here at K and G Cycles fellow members of the Biker Community, we encounter the same struggles as you and that is why we search hard for the parts and accessories you demand. One common thread between every motorcycle rider out there is the quest to find more storage on the bike. Not necessarily for the big stuff, more often for the small items we need to have at the ready. Sometimes we’d even like to be able to take those items with us for security reasons.

BBP-H50-109BK_2_Deluxe Fairing Pouch    Hopnel is one of the companies we are in constant contact with and one of the constant concerns voiced across the community is “more choices for storage!” That’s what customers are seeking so Hopnel is proud to introduce their latest Gold Wing Accessory – The Deluxe Fairing Pocket. These brand new pouches utilize a new double layer design to achieve a very stylish look. These new pockets measure a whopping 4 ½” x 6” x 2”, and incorporate an internal mesh pocket that allows additional secure storage. Designed to mount on the left fairing pocket door of Hondas GL1800 Gold Wing using either Hopnel’s conventional hook and loop strap system or the slick Buddy Lock System. The Buddy Lock attaches a permanent Buddy Lock Clip to the fairing door allowing the pouch to be removed with a twist and either stored or transferred to your belt with the included H50-01BLT Buddy Lock Belt Holder. Alternatively, the Buddy Lock Clip Mount could be used universally to mount on any flat surface. How’s that for versatility?

   When it comes to developing functional accessories Hopnel is a brand that listens to customer feedback and responds. K and G Cycles is proud to have partnered with Hopnel so we can bring you innovative products designed to make your travels more rewarding. Take a look at this and all the other Hopnel products available here.

Upgrade to a Full Touring Bike for Less

metric tour pack RIDE-TPWRBS3   As riders, we all know every motorcycle has one horrible problem – the common lack of storage. In the hunt for innovative products, we have discovered a company that is producing Tour Packs for your Metric bike. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you storage options that will increase the utility of your ride. This large premium locking motorcycle trunk comes with a Chrome top rack, Deluxe wrap around passenger backrest and even an LED lighted spoiler. This is a great trunk for any mid size cruiser. It’s great for Honda (VTX, Shadow, Valkyrie), Kawasaki (Vulcan), Suzuki (Boulevard, Marauder, Intruder),  and Yamaha (V Star, Road Star, Stratoliner), motorcycles.

metric tour pak RIDE-TPWRBSThis trunk offers an enormous amount of storage that is capable of stowing (2) full face helmets inside. For your convenience and security, the trunk is key lockable and features a full length weather seal to keep the elements out and your belongings safe! This Tour Pack package also includes an upgraded wrap around backrest that provides additional comfort and stability for your passenger. It also comes with a chrome luggage rack that allows for additional tie down carrying capacity. Plus you get a slim line spoiler packed full of eye catching LED lights. These lights can be wired as a run/brake combo for increased visibility as well as safety. The trunk package also includes a universal mounting plate with screws, grommets, nuts and washers, everything you require to mount it on an 8×8” or larger flat luggage rack or plate (not included). Drilling may be required depending on the luggage rack/plate style.

So you see, adding a Tour Pack to your Metric cruiser and gaining a ton of space is much simpler than you imagined. Your friends at K and G Cycles can help you with everything you need to expand your cargo carrying capability. All you have to do is contact them.

  •  Overall Dimensions: 12″ High x 17″ Deep x 22.5″ Wide.

It’s Easy to Add Chrome

When it comes to customizing your Valkyrie, Chrome is going to be what most of us reach for. Often little touches make the biggest visual impact and usually won’t break the bank. The fine points can also set you apart from the next guy or even net you that trophy. K and G Cycles has a great selection of Chrome for your ride, but I want to spotlight 2 particular pieces today that can literally be the cherry on top.

BBP-1-326   Adding Chrome where it never was before is easy with this Front fender Extension (Part # BBP-1-326). Finished in show quality chrome, this steel extension will add a luxurious look to that Valkyrie. With the eye catching ribs, this piece now becomes a one of a kind accent. Being unique in a world of reproductions is a tough battle, but when you have K and G on your side it just became a whole lot easier.

   Next I want to share with you Part # BBP-1-237, a Chrome front caliper cover. This Chromed stamped steel piece covers the front brake caliper. Created in the popular raised chrome design, it mounts easily with hardware included. There are a few reasons it is wise to add a caliper cover to your motorcycle.

1) The obvious – You want to add more Chrome to an area on your bike that is begging for it. You may want to dress it up, highlight new wheels, or accent a new paint job.

2) To hide the unsightly cast caliper. Lets face it, from the factory, those puppies are ugly at best. They don’t have to be, install one of these covers and its show time!

3) You want to keep the brake dust to a minimum. Adding a cover can help direct the onslaught of brake dust, keeping it off your rims, off those whitewalls, and in general make clean up a lot easier

   By adding these two Chrome accessories to your Valkyrie, you can take your bike from Hmmm…… to WOW!!!!! Contact your friends at K and G Cycles and turn that Valkyrie into the show stopper it was meant to be!

A Heated Saddle Extends the Season

Have you been looking to upgrade your standard motorcycle seat, to a heated motorcycle seat but don’t have the extra cash?  If you are able to run a staple gun, you can install Heat Demon Seat Warmers for much less than purchasing a new heated seat from your local dealer. K and G Cycles has just what you need, and our very own Operations Manager chronicled the install for you.

   When the temperature drops, are you going to go home, or will you keep riding? Put a little heat in your seat and enjoy the riding season long after most other riders have called it quits. Heat Demon Motorcycle Seat Heaters offer an innovative warm seat experience for the riders who just refuse to quit. The universal fit carbon fiber seat heaters install easily on any bike, providing comfort and warmth for riders of all bikes.


    For reference, all photos will be used while installing the Heat Demon’s on a 2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycle.

Note: Heater is designed to be installed beneath the vinyl/leather cover of the seat.


Heat Demon Specifications:

• 20 Watt carbon fiber heating element

• Increases riding safety and comfort

• Ultra thin and flexible

• Fast warm-up

• Easy to install

Tools that you will need for this installation :

•  Small tipped flat screw driver

•  Long nosed pliers

•  Staple Gun

•  3/8” Drill Bit

•  13/16” Drill Bit

•  Razor blade

•  Black sharpie

Additional Items you may want to purchase:

• 1 – Two wire wiring harness that have quick disconnects

• Inline fuse

Step 1:staple-pulling  To get started you will need to remove your motorcycle seat.  I would recommend that you connect the wiring harness to the battery first so that you can test the Heat Demons prior to installation.   Your Heat Demon’s should have come with installation instructions, and the wiring diagram for the seat heaters.  You can see Step 10 for wiring steps.  I have also included the wiring diagram below in Step 10 for your over view of the wiring layout.

Step 2: Turn the motorcycle seat over to start the staple removal process.  It is best not to remove all of the staples at one time.  Using a small tipped flat screw driver, wedge it under the staples and slowly apply pressure.  This should allow you to ease the staple from the seat and the leather.  If you need additional help once the staple has been pulled halfway from the seat use long nosed pliers to complete the removal from the seat.  I do not recommend only using the long nosed pliers, as this may cause damage to the leather.

Step 3:large seat foam Now that you have removed the staples from the leather/Vinyl on the front of the seat, you should then be able to flip the seat over in the upright position and pull the leather back towards the backside of the seat.(See the examples below.) This should expose the foam of the seat.  Once you have the foam exposed look it over to ensure there are no defects or problems with the foam.  Also if the foam has a clear plastic liner between it and the leather, remove the plastic from the seat.

Step 4: To insure that you have 100% working heaters prior to full installation I recommend that you test these heaters first prior to mounting them to the foam of the seat.  It is far better to discover you have a problem with the heaters now, then discover there is problem after you have already reassembled the seat.

Step 5: Once you know the heat pad does heat up, it is now time to install it on to the foam seat. You now need to consider where you want to mount the heat pad, as well as how you are planning on routing the wires. This is important so they are not visible once you place the leather seat cover back over the top of the foam.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker off the back of the heat pad.  Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated.   Make sure to press down on the heater to insure good adhesion between the seat and the seat heater.  Note: A thin layer of foam may be placed over the top of the heater to reduce the visibility of the heater through the seat cover.  Make sure to route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Note: Removing the foam and drilling a small hole through the bottom of the seat may make installation easier.

Once the wires have bdouble-heateen routed so they will not show once the leather is placed back into position, you will need to ensure that the heat pad is flat against the foam.  Next pull the leather cover back down into position, covering the seat foam. Once the leather has been pulled tight against the foam, this would be a good time to install 4-5 staples into the front section of the leather on the seat. However you do not want to put any staples within 6 inches of the area where you plan on installing the rocker switches.

Now that the front section of the seat is complete, it is time to prepare to insert the heaters for the passenger section of the seat.  If you do not wish to install passenger heat pads, please go to Step 7:

Step 6: Next turn the seat over, and remove the staples for the passenger section of the seat. Again, I would suggest removing these staples with a flathead screw driver, and if needed use a pair of long nose pliers.

After you have removed all of the old staples from the seat, you now need to pull the leather seat cover back to expose the foam for the passenger seat.   If this section of the seat has a thin piece of clear plastic, I recommend removing the plastic to only leave the foam section of the seat showing.

Step 7: Once you know that the heat pad does heat up it’s time to install the Heat Demon for the passenger section of your seat.  Making sure the foam on the seat is clean of dirt.  Now determine where the passenger normally sits on the seat, as well a route for the wires from the heating element through the seat to the bottom side of the finished seat. Again, it is best to conceal the wire so it doesn’t show once you place the leather of the seat back over it.  This will eliminate any visible creases from the wire.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker from the back of the heat pad. Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated. Route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Once you are satisfied with the positioning of wires and heaters, pull the leather back into place.  At this stage you do not want to install any more staples until the remaining steps completed.




Step 8:switch marking You are now ready to prepare the foam and cut the hole in the foam that will house the control switches for the Heat Demons. The standard position for motorcycle heated seat switches is normally on the left side, or port side of the motorcycle seat. For myself I found the easiest way mark the area to be cut, was to place the switch in the desired area and with a sharpie marker draw a line around the outside of the switch. This provided me a good reference point to use during the cutting process of the foam.

Step 9:drilling photos Now that you have the area marked where you want to mount the switch, it is time to cut the hole out of the seat foam. Take a sharp razor knife to cut out the holes, I would suggest cutting the hole slightly smaller than the inside of the circle you’ve marked for the switches. This way it will fit snug in the hole and it will not slide out easily. You can always remove a little more foam if you’ve not cut out enough.

After confirming the switch fits securely in the newly cut holes, it is time to make the hole in the leather. Once you have the leather pulled back over the foam, you should be able to rub your finger over the hole for the switch. This should allow you to see an outline of the area. I found by taking a black sharpie and placing a dot in the center of the hole to use as a guide, I know where to begin to cut through the leather for the seat.

Once you have selected the best location for the seat switches, we will now need to drill a hole for each switch.  I first used a 3/8” drill bit for a small pilot hole. The purpose of this hole is to route the wires through the foam to feed the switch, and through the metal or plastic seat pan.  After the pilot hole has been drilled you now need to drill the actual hole for the switch, you will need a 13/16” drill bit.  Prior to drilling the 13/16” hole, you need to make sure to have a small gap between the two switches. It is recommended there be at least ½” between the final cut outs. Unless you follow this suggestion, the two holes will be one large opening and will not allow the switches to have a secure mount..

Once you have the hole(s) cut, it’s time to install the switches and hook up the wires.  Just make sure to follow the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer.  As well I have provided a wiring diagram in Step 10 for your reference.

Step 10:switches We now need to connect the wire harness to the battery. If you have already installed the wiring harness from the previous instructions, then skip this section.

For added protection, I would suggest an inline fuse for the + positive (red) side of the battery.  Place a ring terminal end on the side of your inline fuse that will be mounted to the positive post of the battery.  For the other end of the inline fuse I would suggest a butt splice, or solder and heat shrink the ends together .

Next on the black negative wire, place another ring terminal end on one side, and a butt splice on the other, that will connect to the black wire on your wire harness.  Once you have both wires completed, connect them to the motorcycle’s battery. Make sure you do not have the harness connected to the motorcycle seat at this time.

*Now that the wire harness is cowiring diagramnnected to the battery, this would be a great opportunity to verify that all other connections for the seat are working properly.  Place the seat on your motorcycle, and plug it into the harness and test to make sure that both switches are turning the Heat Demons on and off.

Once you know the heater(s) are working, remove the seat from the motorcycle.  And turn it over and while keeping the leather pulled tight, using a staple gun install the staples to your seat.

   Now that you have installed all of the staples back into the seat, take the seat back to your motorcycle, hook up the harness from the seat to the battery, and mount the seat normally to your motorcycle. Test one last time to verify that both switches and Heat Demons are working properly.

 This product is available through K and G Cycles along with other heated items such as gloves, jackets and even foot warmers. Get ready for cooler weather now!

Dual Mode Windshields

Have you ever wanted more wind in your face? Have you ever wanted less wind in your face? What if you could compromise and have both? You’d probably think it was a joke right? Well K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has a windshield that delivers on both without having to have two different windshields. The Adjustable Flip Windshield offers dual height configurations that can be change with relative ease wherever you may be.

   flip windshield 2The unique Flip Adjustable Windshield is actually a two part windshield that is made from DOT approved, aircraft quality Lucite Acrylic that is 3/16″ thick. The lower section is dark smoke while the flip portion is clear. The upper portion is designed to be flipped in seconds from its hiding spot located behind the lower portion of the windshield. When raised to its extended position above the lower portion increasing the overall height. BBP-20-128 is available for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing and goes from 9-1/2” to 21-1/4” in a matter of seconds. Each windshield comes with two sets of hardware, use the quick release thumb screws or blind mount allen head cap bolts.

flip windshield BBP-20-128   We also have models available for 1988-2000 GL1500 Gold Wing models with coverage ranging from 10.5″ – 21.5″ (BBP-20-125) and also for 2009 + Kawasaki VN 1700 Vaquero/Voyager that ranges in height from 8″ to 12.5″ (BBP-20-120). With the addition of one of these “Flip Windshields” you will experience 2 different bike. One that lets you cruise around town, wind in your face on bike with a low profile stance. The other is the one you would want on an extended ride or trip that offers greater protection. The best part is you can make the switch to either one in the blink of an eye. To see more, head over to K and G Cycles and check ‘em out.

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