Finding Storage in the Oddest Place

You dressed your Cruiser exactly to your taste. You added Chrome, changed the exhaust, even had it pinstriped, but it still lacks something. Oh yeah, storage! Unless you get one of the big Touring bikes, storage or lack of Storage is something all bikes have in common. On our quest to bring you all the goods to make your bike the best that it can be, K and G Cycles found something new from Hopnel. A handlebar mounted storage pouch that offers a universal fit on almost any motorcycle.

BBP-H50-02BKC Univ Hbar Pouch      Legendary Sewn Products Manufacturer Hopnel has done it again with the latest addition to their line up. The universal fit handlebar pouch, another must have storage pouch system  This Handlebar Pouch measures a generous 8” x 4” x 2” and includes Hopnel’s “digital buddy” clear cellphone pocket system. This cellphone pocket measures 7” x 4” and will accommodate cellphones, MP3 or other devices and loads from the inside of the sleeve keeping Mother Nature out while keeping your devices dry. The clear window also allows for touch screen device operation to insure you retain full capability of your electronics gear you stow in the “Digital Buddy”. For a longer life expectancy, the Clear UV stabilized surface allows easy screen reading and will hold up in the toughest environments.  Installation is a breeze with the 4 adjustable straps that allow this handlebar pouch to be easily attached to most non – fairing motorcycles. How’s that for a design that is made for an often forgotten group of riders.

   Hopnel understands there are more riders out there than the Touring crowd and has stepped up to the plate for then. They also understand that with limited space, most storage items need to pull double duty. Designed with that in mind, this universal mount handlebar pouch offers riders a special pocket for your electronics devices that not only allow you to view them, but operate them as well. Head over to our online store and see this and all of the other great products from Hopnel.

Sport Bike Saddlebags that Work

No matter what name you call them – Sport Bike, Crotch Rocket, Cafe Bike, or some other catchy phrase used to describe the tank hugging, knee dragging bikes, they all have one thing in common –  they all all lack storage space. K and G Cycles has a great looking solution that will increase your storage capacity, thus allowing you to pack for longer runs. The Tour Master Select Saddlebags

tour master select saddlebags   These bags are an affordable, lightweight set of high quality saddlebags that are simple to install or remove, yet hold a ton of cargo and kept their shape nicely. These saddlebags (Part # HH-8203-1305-00) are like a soft-sided suitcase (capable of 12 liters of storage in each bag), constructed with durable materials featuring a stylish design. The details that include the reflective piping to the neoprene pads, the included rain covers and the logo stitching make these a top of line product you will proud to have on your ride. Some of the key features making these saddlebags a great choice when looking for increased storage are:

  •  Heavy-duty, 600denier Carbolex and 1680 denier ballistic nylon construction – in other words, they are tough as nails
  • Adjustable mounting yoke can be permanently mounted under the seat of some motorcycles – simplifies removal and installation
  • Removable neoprene layers help protect the motorcycle – always a good thing
  • Phoslite reflective piping – improving visibility and storage at the same time
  • Convenient carrying handles – make transporting them a whole lot easier
  • Internal support panels hold the shape of the bag – they will keep their shape for a long time
  • Rain/dust cover included – keeps everything clean and dry
  • External side pockets provide additional storage space – adding storage is what these bags are about
  • Integrates with the Tour Master Select Tail Bag – it keeps getting better
  • 15”L x 5.5”W x 11”H (12 liters each bag)

tourmaster SS tail bag HH-8204-1305-00   If you are interested in even more storage you should take a look at the corresponding Select Series Tail Bag.  Able to handle a whopping 23 liters, this bag is meant for the long haul. Built to include the same great features as the saddlebags, Tour Master spared no expense with the Select Series. Measuring 11.5”L x 14”W x 9.5”H, this cavernous bag sits securely atop any rear perch when using the included mounting straps. This gives you easy access to the top loading compartment where you can stow a lot of stuff. Best of all this Tail Bag ( Part # HH-8204-1305-00)  can be used solo or with the previously mentioned Select Series Saddlebags for optimal cargo carrying capability..

   Tour Master offers additional accessories in the Select Series Line up that expand your ability to carry additional cargo and navigational supplies. Tank Bags, Lid Packs, and even a Visor Bag designed to carry an extra face shield. These high tech offerings give you best in class value for your hard earned dollars, so give the crew at K and G Cycles a shout and finally get that storage space you never dreamed possible. The Tour Master Select line of products, on-board storage for those left without.

A Drink Holder for Almost Anything

There are a lot of accessories available for our ATV’s and UTV’s, but it seems they often favor function over form. That statement leads me to something I want to show you today – The Kruzer Kaddy Motorcycle Beverage Holder. Everyone here at K and G Cycles knows being able to have a beverage while out playing on the trails, working the land, or even out for an evening ride is a good thing. The concern then becomes who wants to pull over and stop to get a drink. You don’t have to if you have a Kruzer Kaddy Kan Do Kaddy on your ride. Now a refreshing drink is at arms length.

   kando_kaddy-01   The Kan Do Kaddy was originally designed for scooters, but it wasn’t long before we realized that the Kan-Do Kaddy can be mounted on scooters, tractors, lawnmowers, boats, golf carts and more. When you purchase one of these Kan Do Kaddy’s you get a drink holder that:

– Attaches to tubing 3/4″ to 2″ diameter.

– Attaches to 1/2″ to 1.5″ square tubing.

– Attaches to plastic, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, etc…

– Attaches to flat or sloped surfaces.

– 3 mounting options: 1) Clamped. 2) Drilled through with backing plate. 3) Drill and tapped to 1/4″ x 20 thread screws.

– Reversible mounting stud allowed for rigid or pivot positioning.

Kan Do Kaddy’s have even been spotted on walkers, and wheelchairs too.

   In addition to the numerous vehicle applications as well as the drink carrying capability, The Kan Do Kaddy can be used to hold cell phones, sunglasses, even MP3 players and other liquid containers that will fit while you head to your destination. The all-metal construction is extremely durable, but is available in a number of attractive finishes so as to not distract from the look of your machine. The cups can be ordered in stainless steel, chrome, leather, and even camouflage. There is no longer a reason not to enjoy your coffee heading to the hunting spot, the cold cola on a warm day, or to ever claim you are thirsty while out for a ride.

   When it comes time to mount up, you no longer have to leave that unfinished drink behind. You also don’t have to put up with a cheap, chintzy cup holder that won’t last a whole season. Kruzer Kaddys Kan Do Kaddy is is the best looking, most versatile cup, beverage, miscellaneous stuff holder that is meant to last. Best of all it won’t break the bank. With K and G Cycles prices starting out around $38.00 you can’t afford not to add one to your bike.

A Rider Backrest for Your Honda

Let’s face it, we all know the benefits of riding with a backrest, but hate the additional clunky brackets. Not to mention the loss of leg room for the passenger. K and G Cycles has stumbled upon a solution that will have you ordering one before you finish reading this.

F6B BBP-52-832Until now if we wanted a Rider Backrest for our Honda F6B Gold Wing, we had to engineer a solution that would allow the use of something not intended for it. Big Bike Parts has released a new “Made in the USA” Smart Mount through the seat backrest and is now available for the F6B Gold Wing. This new backrest attaches through the seat and only the backrest pad and support arm sit above the surface of the driver’s seat. This innovative design eliminates all side mounting brackets and the backrest hoop, delivering a clean look and more leg room for the rear passenger. This new system utilizes Big Bike Parts copyrighted pad hinge and adjustable tongue, thus allowing the rider to take full advantage of the 1″ range of adjustment on the pad, as well as pivoting forward or back, allowing you to stretch while riding. This kit comes with a complete set of  instructions and all the required mounting hardware. The backrest also includes a handy removable storage pouch on the backside for your small valuables.

The more miles we rack up, the more we realize that increased comfort is never a bad quest, and adding a rider backrest certainly increases comfort, but until now, came with sacrificing passenger space. K and G Cycles is proud to offer the new design Rider Backrest from Big Bike Parts that says “Goodbye” to the external bones and “Hello” all to the sleek lines on the Honda F6Bs. Order yours today!

The Accessory That Keeps on Giving

exhaust wrapped bike   Are you looking to give your bike a custom look, but want the modification to be beneficial? Have you considered adding Exhaust Wrap from K and G Cycles to your bike. A fairly economical upgrade that offers protection and performance. Ultimately exhaust wrap insulates the pipes, not allowing the heat to radiate outward and in doing so removes the hot exhaust gasses more efficiently from the motor. Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing exhaust density and increases exhaust flow.  This improves exhaust scavenging resulting in cooler air intake temperatures for an improvement in performance and a gain in horsepower.  Wraps are available in a range of colors with the most common being Black, Tan, or white.  Wrapping the headers or head pipes is an important first step in the quest to control unwanted radiant heat from your engine. Best of all most heat wraps, heat tapes, or whatever you want to call them, withstand temperatures upwards of 1200° so you know it is meant to last.

   Another benefit when installing Exhaust Wrap is the protection it offers the rider. Reducing the surface temperature of the pipes lessens the risk of being burned by the bike. Let’s face it, unwrapped pipes can get pretty hot, even with heat shields installed, and being burned by the exhaust is not fun.

exhaust wrap   Lastly, wrapping your pipes will give you a “Hot Rod Retro” look, and when people see it, they will know you wanted more power, and got it. So by installing Exhaust Wrap on your bike you are actually installing a multi-function upgrade that gives you personal protection, increased performance, a better running engine, and a killer look not everyone has. Stop by K and G Cycles online motorcycle parts and accessories superstore and check out all the great options available

More Power from Manhattan

Sometimes names don’t make sense – Manhattan Oil – the vision that comes to mind is the well to do dressed in their best, covered in oil. Well, so much for mental images, this company is into making Liquid Power. K and G Cycles is pleased to be your provider of Manhattan Oil/Liquid Horsepower, products engineered to increase performance. Sit back, relax, and learn how to increase the power of your gas, and make it smell better.

manhattan-oil-octane-boost1 LHB30S    We are going to look at how you can increase the power you harvest from your gas. Manhattan Oil/Liquid Horsepower Octane Booster is available in 1 oz. bottles and treats 5 Gallons per oz. An octane boost, plus much more! Liquid Horsepower Octane Boost Increases octane up to 10 points while improving combustion in all grades of gasoline. It stabilizes fuel for storage while cleaning the fuel system. M.O.L.H.O.B. lubricates valves and the upper cylinders to help prevent rust, corrosion and wear. Most importantly, it increases power and fuel mileage. It helps engines run smoother and delivers easier starts.Best of all, M.O.L.H.O.B. Can be used with all carbureted or EFI engines up to 10:1 compression. 1 oz. treats 5 gallons. So all you have to do is add a little juice and your gas will give you more.


Cherry-bomb-scent-LHFCB1Wouldn’t it be nice if your fumes could smell like Cherries or Grapes? Well thanks to the clever folks at Manhattan Oil, you will never hear your friends say they don’t want to ride next to you because you stink. All you have to do is add Cherry Bomb Fuel Fragrance to your ride. A single 4 oz bottle treats 3-5 gallons per oz. You can use it for gas, methanol or diesel as well as lawn mowers and Dragsters and everything in between. They will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. This sweet little additive does not inhibit performance, is safe for all engines but does not work effectively in exhaust systems equipped with catalytic convertors.

So all in all if you want a proven performing fuel additive, you want to increase the effectiveness of your oils, and you want to make your stinky fumes smell pretty, you need to contact K and G Cycles. We are a proud retailer of Manhattan Oil supplemental products engineered to extend engine and oil life, increase fuel octane ratings, improve performance and mileage, and take the stink out of your exhaust.

Ride with The Support You Need

Have you ever gone for an extended ride or road trip and ended up having horrendous back pain when you dismounted? Are you in search of a product that will change that and give you the back support you need? Look no further than K and G Cycles and the Smart Back Belt to give you the relief you need so you can rack up the miles.

SmartBackBelt-01  The Smart Back Belt is loaded with features that will make you wonder how such an amazing product is so affordable. This belt includes an over sized buckle that allows for quick adjustment and a secure fit. The 3D shaped lumbar wedge fits and supports your lower back to allow it to assume a natural position. The soft, shaped pad provides the perfect degree lumbar support to take strain off of your back. It will ultimately improve your posture and let you ride all day in comfort. Yet another benefit of the Smart Back Belt is it’s versatility. Not only is this a great riding belt, you can use it around the house to prevent accidents while moving or lifting those heavy items. Revolutionary BOA tightening system provides instant adjustment and super secure fitting. The BOA knob uses internal 3:1 gearing so it does all the work and provides the ultimate support to your back.

Now we all know back pain is a drag, and there is something we can do to prevent it. The Smart Back Belt, available at K and G Cycles, offers you unsurpassed adjustable support for whatever you are doing. Whether it is Motorcycling, moving that TV or Piano, Shoveling snow, or even gardening, you can count on The Smart Back Belt to give you the support you need to make it through. Owner George Marakas swears by his and never rides without it. “Being able to adjust it on the fly us incredible! This is without a doubt the finest lumbar support belt ever made for motorcyclists!”

Refresh that Seat and Reinvent Your Ride

As with most any Motorsports genre’ there is some down time, especially in the 2 wheeled arena. This is the best time to assess our rides for upgrades and repairs. One area we often seem to overlook is the seat. Over time, the cushion can flatten, the covers can fade and tear, and you are left with a seat that not only performs badly but looks horrible too. K and G Cycles carries Factory FX seat foams and covers for most of today’s models.

seat foam TR-138348   Your bike is a couple of years old now and it has ad its share of Scrambles, trips through the woods, and all around honest wear and tear. One of the first things you notice is that seat now seems to offer less padding than it did before. You aren’t sure what to do, but you do know you need something better than the stock seat. Consider a replacement seat foam from Factory Effex, available from K and G Cycles. Replacement seat foams are made with Tri-density Soft-cell seat foam technology and is available in different height, softness and widths available depending on your model. Imagine the feel of a renewed seat and the profile it will bring back to your ride.

   Now that you’ve replaced the worn down seat cushion, it is time to lay down one of Factory Effex’s cutting edge seat covers. Available in 4 distinct designs with each one offering something different for the rider.

  • kaw FP1 cover TR-13999   The FP1 Factory Pleated seat cover has race proven seat technology. Featuring a top pleat pattern that keeps you positioned on the seat and hidden heavy duty DuraTech ballistic nylon reinforcements to prevent knee brace wear.  Finished off with OEM color matched material that is sure to give your bike a true factory look. Features:+ Pleated top for traction+ Hidden Ballistic Reinforced Knee Area+ OEM color matched material

    + Race proven design

  • TC4 cover TR-139985   The TC4 is a specifically designed seat cover kit for today’s 4-strokes. After years of R&D, FX has designed a seat cover kit with never before used seat technology. The TC4 comes with all new Dura-Grip material that has integrated embossed top seat ribs that keep you positioned on the seat where you need to be. The TC4 features original color matched rear panel, raised OEM logos and interlock stitching for long lasting wear. Also included is the all new “Bump” that gives you even more grip and control with hassle free installation. Features: Tri-density Soft-cell seat foam technology that keeps you positioned on the seat where you need to be. The Bump also features 3-M adhesive that provides you the very best adhesion for easy, fast and accurate installation. No more cutting, sanding or filing!
  • B4 cover TR-139484    The B4 features super durability high grip seat material to keep you in place, and heavy duty DuraTech ballistic nylon reinforcements to prevent knee brace wear. The seat includes raised OEM logos, just like the TC4. Track-tested by the FX race teams, the B4 is the pro riders’ seat cover of choice.  Features:+ Toughest Seat Cover on the Market+ Heavy Duty Grip Pattern Material+ Ballistic Reinforced Knee Area

    + Optional BUMP for increased control

  • All grip cover TR-139478   The All-Grip seat cover is designed for riders looking for a durable black seat cover with a solid grip. Made from the same high-durability Super Grip material as the B4, the All-Grip seat cover gives you complete control in a no-frills package. For even more flexibility, tall seat covers are available in limited applications.

   All in all, when you purchase Factory Effex seat cushions or covers from K and G Cycles you get peace of mind knowing your investment is top notch. The same item you purchase is the same one the Pro Teams run.

Keeping The Goods Under Cover

With ATV’s and UTV’s becoming more and more popular, we have a tendency to enjoy their off-road capabilities when the weather doesn’t permit motorcycle riding. For many of us that usually entails trailering them to our favorite spot, cabin, or play field to get as dirty as possible. Most of us will clean them up before heading home while a few will wait because they don’t want to clean it twice. All the road grime that accumulates on your machine on the trip home can get pretty nasty and end up being tougher to clean than the days dirt, mud and dust. Have you ever dreamt of a way to protect your ride while you transport it from one spot to another? Let’s face it, road grime, seasonal residues such as sand, salt, and other “magic” spreads and sprays some states use to keep roads clear are nothing short of lethal. They can actually be tougher to clean the dust, dirt, and mud garnered while out riding.  K and G Cycles has what you need to protect your investment while it hitches a ride from Point A to Point B. The Transporter ATV Cover by Ultragard or The Guardian by Dowco – The best covers you’ll ever buy for your utility vehicle.

transport-cover1   Transporter ATV covers by Ultragard are painstakingly designed and engineered to withstand highway speeds (70+ MPH in some areas) with confidence while trailering your machine. Made of water resistant heavy duty polyurethane coated polyester, this cover protects against the elements travelers encounter while heading to their favorite destinations. The Transporter is a Road Cover and Storage Cover all in one affordable unit that won’t leave you disappointed. This heavy-duty cover features securing straps with quick release buckles specifically engineered to reduce buffeting. Six reinforced tie down slots allow access to anchor points positioned to properly secure your ATV to the trailer. It has a class exclusive front cut-out for most snowplow and winch attachments from many of the top manufacturers. This cover is designed to be installed immediately after dismounting your ATV with its scorch resistant heat shields that protects the cover from hot exhaust pipes and as well as the hot motor. A highly visible reflective logo adds a touch of safety while parked too. Additionally, a Smart Design front fuel access panel let’s you fuel up while the unit remains secured on the trailer. With it’s convenient storage pouch this cover is easily portable. The cover measures 47″W x 82″L x 46″H (offering more than enough coverage for most of todays ATV’s) and has a industry leading Five year warranty.

Dowco Guardian ATV Cvr TR-107165     Another offering we carry for ATV’s is the Guardian by DOWCO. Designed with many of the same features as the Transporter, this cover performs just as well. The main difference between the 2 is the warranty lengths. The Guardian has adjustable, sewn in straps that allow for a snug fit for many different models. It features zippered pockets and quick release buckles simplifying installation and removal. Unique to the Guardian is removable bottom straps that secure the front, back and sides while your machine is being trailered. Also form fit zippered pockets adjust to accommodate handlebars and the large lights mounted on them. If you need multiple tie down options, this one has 5 closable access ports providing you with plenty of attachment points. Sure it only has a 2 year warranty, but lets face it  – If you haven’t destroyed it in 2 years, it will almost certainly withstand anything you can dish out.

   We work our ATV’s hard and play with them even harder so clean up is a bit of a chore. Why make matters worse and add road grime to the filth? Get yourself a Transporter or Guardian ATV cover from K and G Cycles and keep the road off your ride when its on the trailer.

Gettin’ Blue over Cleaning Your Ride

   When it comes to caring for our motorcycles there is an overwhelming amount of cleaning and detailing products available. How do you sort through the sea bottles that claim they are the best and do this and that? You let K and G Cycles do the research, identify the manufacturers that bring a quality product to the table, and determine which companies supply the best customer service. Without either one of those qualities we may as well be buying those supplies out of someones trunk or at the end of the freeway off ramp. We take the guess work out of your purchase by only offering proven products that you can trust.

   Developed in a working Detail Shop, Royal Blue Wax was designed to be a product that is easy to use, delivers high quality results, while giving you the maximum protection for your investment. Looking to simplify the detailing process, a Wash and Wax product and a Wax and Clean product was developed to streamline your detailing process so you can spend more time doing what you love – Riding.

Take a look at the Royal Blue Wax products we are now proudly carrying:

RBW-Wash n wax  Royal Blue Motorcycle Wash & Wax – Royal Blue Carnauba wash foams away dirt, grime, and grease without compromising the wax protection. This leaves your vehicle as shiny and smooth as the last time you waxed it. Conditioners inside the patented formula moisturize the paint, revealing brighter colors and more clarity, extending the life of your finish. The Wash and Wax from Royal Blue is PH balanced as well as non-detergent based therefore it reduces water spots and protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Infused with Royal Blue Carnauba Wax, the wash provides another layer of protection every time you use it, creating a strong barrier to keep out harsh elements that makes cleanup from bugs and birds much easier.

RBW-cleaner-wax   Royal Blue Motorcycle Wax and Cleaner in One  – Royal Blue Carnauba Wax is a one step process that delivers professional high gloss results. Simply wipe it on and wipe it off. At the same time, you wipe off years of oxidation and discoloration, leaving behind a beautiful protective wax coating that lasts six months with each application. Since it contains no clay fillers, you never have to worry about scrubbing for hours to remove the wax. Whether it’s wet n’ hazy or dry, it’s easy on and easy off! Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner is non-abrasive and formulated for multiple surfaces – clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and even safe dealer-added coatings.

RBW-Spray-Detailer   Royal Blue Motorcycle Spray Detailer – The Royal Blue Spray Detailer is finally here and we’re excited for you to try it out! This is Royal Blue’s newest product! The Spray Detailer is clear coat safe, it will remove dust, annoying fingerprints and harmful contaminants before they have a chance to damage your paint and finish. This is a great product to use between major cleanings because it is such a simple product to use and the results are BIG! With its easy to use formula, all you need to do is spray it on the desired area to be cleaned and wipe it off. Royal Blue Spray Detailer will leave your ride standing taller than the Empire State Building.

   When it comes time to purchase your cleaning supplies you need to look for quality, efficiency and results. Royal Blue Motorcycle Cleaners and Waxes are available at K and G Cycles and deliver the results you desire. Order your up today and see how easy it is to have a fine looking ride in no time flat.

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